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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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I got the Holy Grail

Started by Will1196, Jun 14, 07:34 AM 2023

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Kimo Li

This technique of identifying certain patterns like HR/LB and HB/LR (European), LO/HE and LE/HO (American), along with ROW characters, 147 258 369 is only a small sample of indicators to implement specific strategies that take advantage of current state of spins being generated.

A simple indicator is numbers that are RED.
One would think if red numbers are being spun, the logical bet would be RED.

If one is provided with certain indicators, would it not be to the advantage of the player to use a strategy that captures these patterns?


@Kimo, correct where you think is wrong & why?

Iregardless of how you opt to categorize the roulette outcomes as in a certain context (wheel, pies & stars, felt, etc.), the trends form, extend in duration & fizzle out in the same way.
 Obviously using the same numbers the actual manifestation differs of how those unfold depending on how they are represented within each context, but nonetheless the above holds true.

There might be some advantage of having several of such context shuffled, so having them available as options & as the numbers come out & trends form recognize those in them, & thus activate those as one of the possible representations.
 Using a parachute-based system utilizing variuus payouts th8s happens pretty much automatically, as shifting through the payouts & identifying the currently trending repeats of zones = grouped su numbers out, various of such tracks are readily-available.

So what is other advantage of representing the numbers as eg. splitting the wheel in half, beside the obvious pre-qualifying of the trends that way, ss in my experience that does not affectt the lenght of trends, meanwhile utilizing the recent repeats & switching those as the trends fizzle out I've noticed i get hits a bit sooner; anything else?

Kimo Li

Quote@Kimo, correct where you think is wrong & why?

Correct what?

I have a difficult time understanding what you are trying to convey because our sentences run in a string of thoughts that I cannot follow.

What is your point?


Besides identifying trends, what's any other advantage of grouping the numbers like that?

Kimo Li

Let me educate you in a string of posts.
First post.

These are the European roulette numbers in a linear fashion beginning with number 32

32 15 19 04 21 02 25 17 34 06 27 13 36 11 30 08 23 10 05 24 16 33 01 20 14 31 09 22 18 29 07 28 12 35 06 26 0

So now what?

Kimo Li

We group these numbers into six groups excluding the 0

32 15 19 04 21 02    25 17 34 06 27 13    36 11 30 08 23 10    05 24 16 33 01 20    14 31 09 22 18 29    07 28 12 35 06 26

So now we label each group 04 06 08 05 09 07

Each of these number are located in each group respectively.

Kimo Li

The first three groups are EVEN groups 04 06 08, half of the wheel

32 15 19 04 21 02    25 17 34 06 27 13    36 11 30 08 23 10 


The second three groups are ODD groups 05 09 07

05 24 16 33 01 20    14 31 09 22 18 29    07 28 12 35 06 26

Kimo Li

Each group is assigned a position.

32 15 19 04 21 02    25 17 34 06 27 13    36 11 30 08 23 10    05 24 16 33 01 20    14 31 09 22 18 29    07 28 12 35 06 26

01 02 03 04 05 06    01 02 03 04 05 06    01 02 03 04 05 06    01 02 03 04 05 06    01 02 03 04 05 06    01 02 03 04 05 06

Kimo Li

The assigned numbers of 01 02 03 04 05 06 are the Global Star numbers.

01 = 32 25 36 05 14 07
02 = 15 17 11 24 31 28
03 = 19 34 30 16 09 12
04 = 04 06 08 33 22 35
05 = 21 27 23 01 22 06
06 = 02 13 10 20 29 26

This is the map of the European Global Pie and Global Star.
Kimo Li's European Roulette Matrix.

Now, this map is used by the Global Pie roulette professional to communicate the behavior of the ball.

For example, the last spin is number 15 (Global Pie 4, Global Star 2)
The next spin is 16 (Global Pie 5, Global Star 3)

Looking at the Global Pie Map the ball has moved in a BOWTIE direction, from one half of the wheel to the other.

And the Global Star number position has move one position, clockwise.

Kimo Li

I created this map in 2006 for roulette players to use a standard map so roulette players can communicate to each other when describing ball movement, details may be found in my books, The European Roulette book and The Roulette Formula.

The AP guys can use this map to describe ball release to non-AP players as a means to communicate their ideas. 

Kimo Li

Wake up people. This map has been around for 17 years.

Kimo Li


Again, you haven't addressed the question.
What you described is pure basics & offered nothing else than to go buy your book.

There's also too much morality on your webpage, for the lack of more appropriate wording,
where in short you are basically using knowledge as a leverage to enslave people.

Just like the so-called light always does, pretending to be good,
meanwhile in this case trading knowledge in exchange of bounding people,
meaning installing psychological & other types of mechanisms barring them of certain types of actions,
making them reactionary, dependent & to you inferior, plus even if the trade is solely accepted by their own consent,
slavery by consent, establishing their inferiority through conditioning, its in essence the definition of enslavement itself.
By accepting the trade of & the esoteric knowledge itself, through those mechanism becoming inferiorily bound to you.

Do I blame you, no. Every group that acquired an advanced type of knowledge has an interest of keeping the advantage. The difference is types of ways of ensuring that. Just because you offer thaf through their own consent, a trade that ultimately serves your & potentially your group's intentions, doesn't make it any better than any other way. Its enslavement in itself, just the mechanisms that are applied & enforced is not through the physical subjugation primarily. The trouble is you somehow pretend you & your way is better, meanwhile painting the ways you want to 'protect' them from, may actually be freedom itself.

The truth, the knowledge of truth, the knowlege itself, accompanied with some other things sets free, posses the quality of setting free. You are just ensuring to enslave those that intend to realize that freedom just on a brink of realizing it. Doing that by associating the restriction & condition  with that knowledge & offer it as a trade, interjecting the paths & although awaiting a consent meanwhile portraying as a force of good, corrupting the thing that in itself sets free. Malware.

Ever thought of that? Most likely, yes ..


This Global Pie mapping is just one way of representing the 37 numbers.
Each number has equal 1/37 probability of success.

Which ever way the numbers are grouped,
the trends form & can be identified ..
however due to 1/37 the trends' range of  frequency remain the same.

If I represent the numbers with 6 felt double streets,
or as an alternative opt to use a pie or star groupings,
the trends resulting from these 6-number grouping are the same,
same range of length & the frequdncy of those appearing ..

.. meanwhile there's a clear advantage in the bankroll requirement,
having to use only 1 unit yo cover 6-numbers & start from there.

The only potential advantage this might have based on my currrnt insight,
is that multiple trends' tracks may be merged into one track simultaneously,
thus qualifying the numbers based on all the trend present at the same time,
though provided the betting plan comprises of SU numbers.


Then again, maybe those are truly ready to be free .. & need an experience yohoffer to be done off with that.

Me, I certainly don't need tk be lead on a string of pieces of a pie, until finally presented with the conditional & enslaving offer of an esoteric secret sauce, or better a secret glaze.

Kimo Li

QuoteBesides identifying trends, what's any other advantage of grouping the numbers like that?

I stated that my advantage is using the Global Pie method.

For years, I have been advocating this approach. I do not know any other way.

I come to realize that this generation of roulette players rely on roulette simulators, number generators, and current technology applications.

If you are asking me to show you a way using today's technology, you are out of luck.

I drive a stick shift. I don't have to worry about someone of this generation stealing my car.

I am not going to waste my time replying to your insecurities of life and lack of understanding the value of mapping the roulette wheel.

I will, however, acknowledge your passion for what you believe.