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Professional roulette player reveals personal strategy

Started by FreeRoulette, Jun 23, 10:45 AM 2023

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Hey all,

Okay, so maybe I'm not a professional, but I would like to share my personal favorite game strategy that I designed because I hate keeping track of math at the tables.

Also, if anyone makes roulette videos, I could pay to make me a video that demonstrates this.


Game Play

I came up with this strategy because keeping track of calculations at the table is a nightmare and I needed an easier way.

Start by playing units from level 1. The goal (the win condition, which resets the entire pyramid) is to win 1 unit on one straight up number.
You can play any amount of numbers, and also other bets like corners or splits.

If you win on anything other than a straight up bet, then use the winning units to rebuild the pyramid.

When you run out of units in level 1, then move to level 2. Play anywhere you like, but this time
the goal is to win 2 units on a straight up number.

When you run out of level 2 units, the move to level 3.

** Any time you get a win condition, reset the entire pyramid and place your profit to the side.

What works best for me.

You can have more than 3 levels, the 4th level would require 4 stacks and win 1 straight up number with 4 units.
However, you can lose the entire pyramid, so keeping it small to 3 levels seemed to work best for me.

Placing bets:
I like to play 4 straight numbers at a time, along with 2 or 3 corners and maybe a double street.
The win that is not a straight up number, helps rebuild the pyramid and give extra chances to get the win condition.

You can imagine from level 1, that if you win on the first unit, then your profit will be 35.
If you win on the last unit, then your profit will be 1. That is the max and min profit for the entire
system if you get a win condition on any level.

Changing the profit:
If you want to increase your minimum profit to 5 on a win condition, then just remove 4 units from the stack in level before playing.
If you want to increase your max win, you can either remove the stack from level and start at level 2, or
increase the units for the win condition (so now level 1 requires a 2 unit bet, level 2 requires 3 units and so on)
I recommend keeping level 1 at 1 unit win because the idea is to give more chances for the win condition instead of plowing through the chips hoping for a big win.

When to stop:
I like to get my win condition 3 or 4 times and either move to another table, or wait for another dealer.

Personal rules:
I'm always paranoid that the casino controls the table, so I always play with other players at the table so they don't single me out and make me lose.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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This system may difficult play due to;
1. Min bet amount per spin
2. Max bet amount per number
3. This progress will never end if you lost
4. High risk of 6 stack of 35 units for total 210 units
5. Difficult to play online since most of the time internet drop or system time changes
Can you come up with example?


Well, by the way, why not to try it, although in the demo version, so that at first you don't play for money
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