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Started by roulettedealer333, Jun 27, 05:17 PM 2023

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Hello, my name is Brian. I have been a roulette dealer and advantage player on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 15 years, and have been profitable my entire career. Roulette is a simple game with simple advantages to be had, however, what makes is so difficult to beat is not the casinos counter measures, but rather the approach most player take to the game itself. As a dealer, i have seen it all, and i have developed a mehtod of play over the years which is not only effective, but virtually undetectable. Traditional ballistics techniques are not practical in the casino enviornment for many reasons. As dealers, we are trained to spot and combat these techniques, which is why it is nearly impossible to beat the wheel. My years on the inside have taught me  many lessons when it comes to my approach as a player, and helped me to develop a simple yet highly effective method of visual ballistics, which when employed correctly,  is undetectable by the casino, which makes it un combaitable. This affords you the opportunity to play and gain an advantage without having to suffer the various counter measures the casino puts into place to maintain their advantage.
VB is the only effective method of gaining an advantage over the wheel either. Contrary to popular belief, you can use a mechanical method for bet selection before the spin to gain a statistical advantage. This method is paticularly effective on RNG. I have used a combination of these techniques, both VB and mechanical, to enjoy a career of roulette winnings. It can be done. It takes dedication to your craft, and patients, but end result is nothing short of spectacular. The lifestyle of an advantage player is second to none. It is the thrill of victory and the enjoyment of the game itself  that has kept me in the industry this long, and i  dont plan on walking away any time soon.
If anyone is interested, message me. Id be more than happy to discuss my methods with you. Thanks to all, and good luck.


People losing money on roulette because 97.3% is advantage for roulette over the player, but 2 7% is only your luck to win something that is why is better to play only for fun, if you stay long on roulette table the end will be 97,3%  :(
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If you establish an advantage, no matter how small, then over time you will win. This is the same type of advantage the house used over the player. There are many different methods for achieving an advantage, all of which can be effective if you incorporate proper money management. You have to treat it like a job. It is great to enjoy the thrill of the game, but you have to treat it as a business if you want to make money. There is a skill involved, but dedication and practice are essential.


It's not hard to beat wheels. Not every wheel, but enough to be practical.

The real problem is avoiding detection. But that's not difficult either, provided some basic steps are followed, and you don't win too much too soon.
"The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions"
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This is very true, however i have learned that there are ways to win big and still remain undetected. As a dealer, one of the things we are taught is to employ certain countermeasures for certain players, depending on how they are playing. This only becomes an issue when they begin to win consistently. It is not always necessarily how much they are winning, but more times than not how often they are winning. Consistency is a red flag for advantage play.
That  being said, there have been many time when i have staggered my winning streaks throughout a session to avoid detection, however, i eventually found that there is a much better, and much more lucrative way to go about employing your advantage strategies.....team play. This completely changed the game for me. I began about 1 year into my journey as an advantage player, and now i very rarely play solo.
It is important to remember though that team play requires a lot of practice and coordination. I developed a specific method for executing my strategies using 3 to 4 teammates per session and coordinating our wheel tracking and bet placement to make it seem as if the table was having an off night, as opposed to an advantage player taking the house for a ride. Very effective. Anyways, just a something to chew on for anyone who has ever eperienced friction from the dealer or management. Hasnt failed me yet. Good luck.


If you treat roulette as entertainment, then there will be no problems. But if you try to make regular income - END :-[  for your bankroll
Don't believe in the me that believe in you, don't believe in the you that believes in me, believe in yourself who believes in you!


How profitable is it to only bet once say after the 7th loss or win on odd or even or black or red ? Have you experienced this type betting ?
If you lose the one bet then wait until another long streak appears to bet


You can identify, without using and form of visual ballistics at all, patterns which can be used to gain an edge after observing groups of bets. These patterns can be very strong, or very weak, so choosing the correct pattern to play is very important. It is also very important to choose a strong money management method to boot.
I dont believe waiting for a series of losses to pass gives a stong edge. I wouldnt recommend it.


Good luck finding 3 or 4 people to trust with team play.   

That's harder than gaining an edge with math.


The members of my team use my system. There is no trust involved...we have a combined bankroll and play a system. Rather than one person placing a larger bet on the predicted landing zone, we coordinate our betting to place smaller bets on fewer numbers each. The overall bets from the entire team cover the predicted landing zone. The winners vary from spin to spin and the amounts won by each player is small enough to avoid detection. Only one member calls the landing zone per session, and we all place coordinated bets accordingly.
By keeping individual buy ins below $1000, and keeping each players win per spin below one unit per player, this keeps the eye in the sky and the pit bosses off our backs. In the casino business, we are trained to identify advantage players and to track wins and buy ins after a certain amount...this method of team play keeps the attention off of us as the wins appear to be random and the losses are spread out amongst us spin by spin, however, the overall table loss goes to the combined bankroll at the end of each session and is divided up equally.
It has been to date a perfect system.


Thats  true I live in the UK  its  hard to find a good team player who is  dedicated and can live on roulette winnings.
Everyone says they want to earn from roulette but no one wants to dedicate time and effort to make a living out of it.
Its  tough these days as casino's with less revenue will ban you instantly once they know you are a advantage  player who  doesnt  like to loose often.

Anyways good luck to all but if anyone  from UK interested PM me can go along for a session