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Su repeat probability

Started by TRD, Oct 05, 07:02 PM 2023

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Somebody ran a test & posted the results of the number of a single number repeat probability, adding one SU per spin extra.

Anyone, point to it or repost.


try this use the single number calculator..made by buffolo wizard..add.1.su each spin and press calculate ,,heres the explanation

It's nice to know what the probability of success is for progressions like this. By "success" I mean the chance of a win anywhere in the progression. For this progression the probability is about 88%.

I wrote a little app which calculates the chance of a win for any progression spanning any of the 1u locations (ie EC, doz/col, DS...). You can use it for any sequence of bets covering any of those locations, where there may be multiple bets on the same location, or only one.

Here's a screenshot of the app showing inputs for the Manrique progression series of bets --

It's simple to use: just enter the number of bets on a location into the relevant field. Use the Tab key to move to the next field. If there are no bets on a particular location, just leave the field blank and move to the next one. Then click Compute and the probability will be calculated and shown below the Compute button. Click the Clear Fields button to clear all the fields; the cursor will now be positioned in the EC field ready for the next computation.

It's quite useful for seeing the contribution each bet or series of bets makes to the overall probability. e.g. in the Manrique example you could remove the 3 in the STREET field and re-compute. The probability is now 84.70%, which means that the 3 bets on the streets contributed a probability of 3.43% (88.13 - 84.70).

To install the app, download the attached file and unzip it. Make sure the GUI.dll stays with the exe file or the program won't run.

Have fun!


heres a pic of it...as he says you can use any combo each spin to show the probabilty /percentage to hit..but for what you want as in any of the fields just add 1 each spin to to the partition you want and click compute


here...easy to use



Quote from: TRD on Oct 06, 10:39 AM 2023Nice one!

your welcome ..although the percentage for a hit in the real world  goes a bit awry...its not guaranteed ...so don,t rely on this alone...if these percentages were stable in a stable game to stable statistics you would be a winner everytime...so don,t rely on this ...this is basic...not reality..you would be better playing a ratio game of expectation than relying on this ..using freeroulette next bet software calculator on the other post


Sure, basic coordinates, (narrowing for the purposes of) initial assembly.