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Untested 34 year old system...need help programming and testing it.

Started by merlin, Dec 30, 11:09 PM 2023

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Hi guys,

Before I tell you my little adventure in Atlantic City back in 1991, I would like to know if this forum is the real deal? Meaning, if this is really the place where I can get help programming and testing a system I had in mind for over 3 decades but couldn't find the programming help to program it and test it.

Here's my little story...

Back in 1991, I bought a plastic roulette and my friend and I made $30,000 every night at home playing a simple roulette system.

Now of course, because it's a plastic roulette, we all were skeptical and always wondered if the system would work with real wooden roulette in real casinos so we did a trip to Atlantic city where I spend the whole thanksgiving week at the Sands Casino sitting down, not playing but instead just noting all the numbers from a bunch of roulettes in order to come back home to analyze the data.

What we found out was cool because we proved that real casino roulettes and plastic ones all have the same odds. So we knew that the $30,000 we made each night at home could be replicated in real casinos.

It takes about 80 spins just to note which hot numbers the roulette has and then the betting can start. In most casinos, you get up to 300 colored chips so we started with $100 to buy 100 blue chips at $1 each chip and then as we win more, we switched to $5 chips then $25 and finally end up with 300 blue chips valued at $100 each for a total of $30,000.

We didn't cheat and counted all the losses and yet, we still manage to do those $30,000 wins over and over again.

I found in 2008 a roulette forum where a programmer helped me create cool Excel macros where you can program a roulette system but for some reason I still don't understand, we never programmed that 1991 system that worked very well back then and I think this is the time to prove if this system is solid once and for all.

If anyone gets this message please let me know and I will post screenshots of my system and maybe even post our excel sims.

Here's a screenshot of the sim that programmer made in MS Excel macros.


You can see below that the sim was incredible, it was able to download the live roulette winning numbers data from casino in germany (spielbank weisbaden casino if I recall).

That is why we have in the bottom all spins from roulette table #3 from all 12 months of the year 2008.

You can see in this screenshot below all the 300+ spins of each day of the month of February.




I might be able to help if you are very clear on how the system works. Other people have asked me for coding help, but then send me 20 pages of convoluted babble that I'm supposed to decipher.
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