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Dealer Tracker with self-evaluating Bet Simulator.

Started by jpalmer, Jan 15, 11:03 PM 2024

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Hello Everyone, my name is John Palmer, I have just joined this forum.
I am the co-creator of a tool that help you log table and dealer data along with dealer photo – not only for one session.
It proposes neighbour bets for the specific dealer. Not only that. It utilizes a "betting simulator". That is, it self-evaluates based on the result. So, at the end (starting after 15 spins) it proposes the best betting strategy for the dealer, and how much is the player's advantage over the casino.
I want to let you know that we offer this application 100% FREE – for the first 2000 users.
I don't think it is against the site policies the one time introductory posting, so I will post the link here.
This is not a tool that will make you rich in one spin. But if you have  patience and track the dealers, it will give you an income.
I could compare it with the "card counting" in blackjack (before the CSM).
Any suggestions are welcome.
P.S> I originally have this post posted to "free software", but I think this is more appropriate place - that is why I move it.