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I'll take this moment to just....

Started by MoneyT101, Jan 23, 09:32 PM 2024

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I dont know how many years ive been after the HG.  Not just any but Dyksexlic version.  It makes a different to point this out because so many ppl believe they have winning method to beating roulette.  Multiple times i believe that I had found it only to be let down.  Now dont get me wrong i found some nice ways to play and win; but they arent perfect.

Maybe like 3 years ago i came across perfection( the idea itself).  This method seems exactly like what he spoke about.  But the idea was so complicated in my head and i couldnt get the math right.  So i would take a break and go through different methods and ideas. My mind always went back to this, why isnt my perfect idea working?

So last week i decided to go back to it!!! I guess looking at it with fresh eyes, showed me how simple it is.  Its not complicated at all and it wasnt working before because i didnt properly label the outcomes. So now my perfect bet is functioning but i ran into another issue. Every now and then i get a repeat in a way that ruins my flow.  If i continue then all my math is wrong going forward till the next cycle.  If i dont do anything then i take a loss.  So this one issue is keeping me from the HG. I believe i have a solution but....

I decide to look at some old messages to see if maybe there is answer.  I read a quote from dyksexlic and i just laugh.  Not because he shared how to solve my issue.  But this quote would have helped me reach my issue.  You see if i understood this back then i can be where im at now.  Thats hilarious to me that until you learn something you cant understand it even if its staring you in the face.

Ill share the quote "The opposite of a profound truth might also be a profound truth"
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


Then you mean your idea/system not is yet perfect? 


Normal game play my bankroll goes up.  I take a loss here and there but the bankroll overall still increases.

But I want to beat every cycle.  I don't have this yet. In this version the bankroll won't go below the starting point.

-Example of current

Cycle 1 - win +8
Cycle 2 - win +4
Cycle 3 - loss -10
Cycle 4 - win +8
Profit - +10

-Example of 100%

Cycle 1 - win +8
Cycle 2 - win +4
Cycle 3 - loss 0
Cycle 4 - win +8
Profit - +20
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


It all depends on how exactly you define the HG system.