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Uber roulette computer for sale

Started by militaryorchid, Feb 06, 05:57 AM 2024

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Available for sale a full-fledged Uber from :.roulette-computers.com, also upgradable to two-player environment and in almost new condition. Used only once in land-based casino, but it works equally fine for casino streamings. Bought in 2013, but, due to later governmental regulations, I almost have had no occassion to play for the last 6-7 years. Steve agreed to support you in the sequel. Price: 2700€.

* Will send photos privately.



Yes, still available. Sorry for the little late reply, now I am ready for your questions.


If Steve agreed it is fine  :xd: used just once  :lol:
HolyGrail price 100k € [email]tomislavija@hotmail.com[/email]


In casino, yes. I had no opportunity to use it regularly in land based casinos. I have tested it several times for accurracy on online streamings and even the base settings showed clear advantage on appropriate wheels. I have no access to casino streamings for quite a few years now. Government has simply blocked them.


Awesome! I actually have spoken with steve preemptively about this. He said it would be ok as long we all agreeed. Its probably best we start an email chain. Are you both selling the computer? or is it militaryorchid?

How would you to further discussion? I got to use the phone version for the free trial and have been looking to purchase this, it was mind blowing. Ive been in AP for a while, and for the most most part have found my niche in the Books, if you have access to sportsbooks, id be happy to share some of the theory, i imagine youd find helpful if sports punting interests you.

Honestly  i am so happy to get your response, over the past year i felt i have just been a tad too late, once i found RPhysics.

I asked him about the sale in a recent email. This is his response.

"OK, I understand. Is there any way to purchase other players' equipment? I saw someone was selling theirs on the forum.


You can negotiate with sellers to transfer license to you"

I still would like to some how rope him into the conversation so it doesn't come out of left field, do you guys have any ideas on how to o do this?


It is me who is selling the computer. At least, under this post. What the other guys are selling I am not aware of...  :)  I don't know how discussions like this are customary on the forum, but I can give you an email address if I do not violate by this any terms of usage here. It's simple: militaryorchid@gmailcom. If you it feel more comfortable, do not hesitate to send me an email.