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Exposing the Deceptive Practices of Betcoin.ag and Playbetr.com

Started by Harry, Jun 04, 01:41 PM 2024

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They created a Betcoin.ag account on March 2, 2022, and deposited $1000 initially. For about a year, they bet on sports, mainly football and basketball, with moderate success. Seeking higher betting limits, they discovered Playbetr.com, a sister site of Betcoin.ag, and created an account on December 31, 2022, depositing $4000. They later added another $1000-$2000 to Playbetr and around $1000 more to Betcoin, totaling approximately $7000-$8000 in Bitcoin across both sites.

Initially, they had no issues with either site. After winning some NBA bets, they tried to withdraw their balances: 0.65 BTC from Playbetr and almost 0.21 BTC from Betcoin. Both sites then requested KYC verification, which they provided. The next day, they were blocked from logging into their accounts, with both sites accusing them of fraudulent activities.

The sites offered to return only their initial deposits, which they refused, insisting they had done nothing wrong. They have been emailing both sites for over a month, seeking an explanation and resolution but only received instructions to email for more information. Despite providing evidence of their bets and withdrawals, they remain blocked.

Convinced of their innocence, they are determined to take legal action to recover their funds. They are prepared to go to great lengths to resolve this issue. This situation highlights the risks of online betting and the potential for scams. It underscores the importance of thorough research before engaging with betting platforms.

Their experience serves as a cautionary tale for other bettors. They urge regulatory oversight in the online betting industry to prevent such incidents. Enhanced consumer protection mechanisms are essential to safeguard against similar scams in the future.


Betinasia.com, OrbitX (Betfair) included .. & similar bet 'exchanges'.
Google & get to know ......

Get off those shit crap things.

PS:  can't believe I am promoting for free.