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AYK tracker

Started by Help_me_pls, Jun 26, 12:36 PM 2024

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I remember someone doing a system with the AYK tracker, basically do the numbers as they come out, as you get the 3rd time out, you start playing that number, as the other 3rd numbers come out, you add them and continue until you hit> I remember having a bit of a good run with this until you have that long run where you don't hit anything, then you can be playing 20 numbers and you can quickly lose your bankroll.

For some reason I've come back to this, but instead of the numbers coming out, you're doing the pockets between the start and finish of that spin, so 3 pockets, 17 pockets, so forth, you also split them into the counterclockwise spin and clockwise spin, now because the numbers are constantly changing since its from the last number,its a bit time consuming to go through number history, so far I've done 1000 spins and longest spin with no hits on one spin counterclockwise was 17, but the clockwise spin had 2 wins in there so it broke it down. Can anyone knock something up to do a big database of numbers to check ? Thanks


Hello Help_me_pls :I am JotaZeta and I was a student of Zechnas when he posted in the Joker Forum. I have seen a program of yours in the section dedicated to Programming (SYSTEM "ZECHNAS - THIRD LAW v1.0") that is aimed at numbers in third repetition. I think it will help you a lot to see the power of Rx and how often you get it right following this type of bet.