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Labby Calculator

Started by Bayes, Jan 20, 10:54 AM 2011

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Quote from: weddings on Jan 27, 07:22 AM 2011
Hi can you make it such that we can edit our own loss limit? it will be helpful if we want a high loss limit instead of clicking the +. Thanks!

Hi weddings,

I deliberately coded it that way to keep things simple. It's surprising how much complexity and potential for error arises when the user has the option to enter their own data. I intended this version to be for EC bets so thought that somewhere between 1 and 10 would be sufficient as a loss limit, but obviously if you're using it for single numbers it won't be.
"The trouble isn't what we don't know, it's what we think we know that just ain't so!" - Mark Twain


Quote from: aleks06 on Jan 27, 09:01 AM 2011
have you planned to add the option "bet on another even chance" ?

I decided against it - I'll leave that to a future version which allow for betting any groups of numbers.

Personally I wouldn't advise betting on more than 1 EC at a time, but if you're really desperate you can always fire up a second instance of the program.  ;)
"The trouble isn't what we don't know, it's what we think we know that just ain't so!" - Mark Twain



This works wonders! Thank you for taking the time to code this and helping the comunity, very usefull and helpful.

The only thing i would suggest is the option to manually put the chip amount to be used to play, since it changes from casino to casino, aside from that, for the even chances, the Win Target I see its perfect..

Also the split thing, I particulary do not like it very much, since when betting even chances I think not good idea for a labby to be very extended.. anyways, thats just me..

Keep it up mate, lets all make money with this  ;D


Hi yrt00,

I would prefer to provide a clickable list rather than an editable field, most casinos have standard chip values and would be a subset of the following:


Feel free to add any others values you think might be available. I know it might seem to be less work to have a single edit field, but the structure of the program makes it easier to use a list and also I won't need to add code to catch invalid input. Hope this is ok.
"The trouble isn't what we don't know, it's what we think we know that just ain't so!" - Mark Twain


its not ok, its perfect! ;D



Something odd has happen to me twice.. am playing 0.20 cents as basic chip, i aim to make 10 units per session (2.00 usd) yesterday i ended with 0.20 cents less.. and today i started with 214 usd BR and after session ended i was 214.20  :o

I was thinking maybe I made a mistake, although I am carefully following the labby calc.. but it might as well be that the labby calc at some point of the progression using 0.20 cents as chips has some bug and its not calculating correctly...

Has it happen to some of you or is it just me? or maybe the casino not paying correctly?

I went to the betting history following it with the labby calc, and at some point there are some wagers incorrectly done by me unless if been cheated by casino, but for me i did everything as the calc said , strange..

Anyone happen something similar with the calc?



I checked the code and can't find any bugs, although it doesn't mean there aren't any.  ;)

Anyway, here is the new version with the added chip values -


It could be that if there was bug it's been fixed with this new version. Give it a try and if you're still getting the same problem let me know.

"The trouble isn't what we don't know, it's what we think we know that just ain't so!" - Mark Twain


Hey Bayes.

How can we use this for plain numbers?

lets say.. 3 numbers bet.
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Whatever you like Ophis. Just keep adding zeros or splitting if the stakes get too high.  :thumbsup:
"The trouble isn't what we don't know, it's what we think we know that just ain't so!" - Mark Twain


Hello Bayes,
I am having some trouble using your calculator on 1 computer. I cannot figure out the problem.

This is the error I get:

/home/jules/euphoria/code/labby2.exw:21 in procedure get_target()
variable <no-name> has not been assigned a value

... called from /home/jules/euphoria/code/labby2.exw:142 in procedure reset() 

... called from /home/jules/euphoria/code/labby2.exw:326 in procedure WinMain() 

... called from /home/jules/euphoria/code/labby2.exw:1

Global & Local Variables

Any help would be appreciated!


Bayes isnt here no more. You can find him over at Vics site..betselection.cc



Please checkout my topic maybe you can help

Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


Quote from: Bayes on Jan 20, 10:54 AM 2011Another roulette toy to play with!  

This software generates a standard Labouchere progression, using a chip value and win target you select.

WOW!  Just what I was looking for!  Thank you so much!!!  :-D
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