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The last won't last forever

Started by MumboJumbo, Sep 02, 09:31 AM 2022

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This is interesting for playing on 2 hot numbers for live or airball roulette.

Procedure: This is 2 numbers flat bet.

1. Play 2 numbers that hit twice from the history list. (last 14 numbers, important)

2. When 3rd number repeat twice add this number and remove first number.

3. The repeated number must be from the last 14 numbers on history list.

4. Don't use progression.

Good luck, and please don't be greedy.
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Person S

Person S

Thanks for the thought!
Can you answer a couple of questions:
1. If there is one x3 and one x2 in 14 spins, bet on both numbers? Or do we only need twos?
2. If we remove a number and after a few spins it comes out ahead, becomes x3 do we ignore it or do we add it to the set?

Person S

There's a bit of a statistic - the max time to appear 3x is 56 spins.
At the very least, we won't fit in that rate without progression.
Also, the last 2 will not always win. This is an example of extremes.


1. Yes, bet on both numbers.

2. If removed number become x3 you should add that number.
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Person S


It is not reliable if you testing on rng roulette.
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How many spins did you have tested this system?


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i'm curious too about this system, your testing is manual or did you manage to automazi it?


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