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group 3 system
Dec 02, 07:44 PM 2011
Hi new member to the forum,  been looking with interest for a good while though. Just thought i would put forward a wheel based system.


I split the wheel into 12 groups of 3 ignoring the zero.so on a  european wheel start clockwise from the zero so the first group of three would be 32,15,19, etc and so on in wheel order. The idea is that you when a number comes you mark down what group it is in, and also the group either side so you are betting  three groups of three which is nine  numbers you can also if you choose mark the three groups on the opposite side of the wheel so you will be in affect making an even number bet.This system has the idea of catching clumps of numbers forming around the wheel, and when you bet opposite to the last number you are taking advantage of patterns forming where the dealer is alternating hitting either side of the wheel.I will leave it to you guys to assess whether there is any merit in this system.I noted a few hundred spins that suggested that covering these 6 groups of 3 numbers hit more regularly thant the other 18.It would need testing much more more and like I say i will leave it to you guys now.

Good luck



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Re: group 3 system
Dec 03, 08:56 AM 2011
Hi Harri

It makes perfect sense what you are doing. I dont mean that it will be a winning idea, but the idea behind it logical with what you are expecting to happen.

What I would do though is include zero in a group, so that group has 4. These are not outside bets so there is absolutly no reason why the zero is ignored.




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Re: group 3 system
Dec 05, 08:37 PM 2011
But many times the opposite numbers doesn't come even 10 times in row. I tested this strategy 20 years ago. It is toooooo static. But it is possible that the terms changed because of the worldwide inflation?
Good Luck



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Re: group 3 system
Dec 05, 10:29 PM 2011
> It is toooooo static.< Hermes

Hi harri44, welcome.
One reason it is static is because you are only using 12 groups of 3 numbers but in reality there are 37 groups of 3 numbers.  :thumbsup:
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Re: group 3 system
Dec 05, 11:30 PM 2011
i can give u some idea what u can do. yes, wheel layout is good. but...it is still too stiff. on a long run u won't be very lucky to win exactly with your groups all the time. but u can create different layouts for groups of 3 thus making your chances better. for example u skip zero now, next time skip 32 and create groups starting with 15 including zero. then skip 15, starting with 19 and so on. u will have 37 layouts and u can  use them randomly.

and u may not finish there, u may check nuke and bow layouts as well...as per Kimo Li's concepts

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