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this is what i have tried lately with the play money.

I will write the last winning numbers shown on the score board.
Now i will draw a circle and start putting these number on the circles side which represents their original position in the roulette wheel,  the oldest number will go first to the circle.

Now i have the last ex. 12 numbers in the roulette wheel and i can see the order how they came up.
Somehow this creates hitting sectors.

In all sessions there have been 2 or 3 sectors which are yours and you can point it.

So i will find the middle position of the sector or start with the first number and end up to the last number of a sector. These numbers will be the ones to bet. Number count will grow or be less depending how wide are the sectors and how many there are.

Total spinning bets are between 11 - 20  flat bets / spin. Lot of hits and usually you will hit in three spins. Many times with every second.  Few winning streaks including six wins in a row. Worse losing streak 4-5 loss in a row. What i did with the number of bets, they increased because some times there where hit just next to the sectors i played so i added this one to the sector.



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