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Title: See Hidden Camera Recordings of Real Players Winning Roulette In Casinos
Post by: Steve on May 23, 05:09 AM 2019
Now you can see secretly recorded videos of players winning with our roulette computers. The videos show the computers making the predictions, bets being made, the ball falling, and the winning number. It's all recorded with hidden cameras.

But obviously the recordings are sensitive, so we only show them to serious players who have intentions to purchase our computers.

About The Technology Used

Firstly, understand our roulette computers are very different technology to the system at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com. Basically, roulette computers are hidden electronic devices that predict the winning number, and they are explained at www.roulette-computers.com. But the system at www.rouletteadvantageplay.com is very different, and does NOT require any electronic devices at the table.

The specific technology that was recorded beating roulette is the Hybrid Roulette computer (explained at www.hybridroulettecomputer.com). This is because it's the only computer that uses a hidden camera.

How The Recordings Were Done

The Hybrid roulette computer streams live video of the roulette wheel via wireless Internet. The cameras are self-aiming. The video is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption, which is almost impossible to crack without the decryption key on our servers.

Our servers analyze the decrypted video in real-time, and predict the winning number. The predicted number is sent back through the Internet for players to bet. Besides the players themselves, we are the only ones who can see the video. We can see everything including the predicted numbers, the bets players make, and the winning numbers.

This is the video you can now see. It is available with the permission of the players who recorded it.

Importantly, our players NEVER play where roulette computers are illegal. They are still legal in about half of casinos. But still players must use computers covertly, because no casino tolerates consistent winners - legal or not.

How To See The Videos

Again we don't show them to everyone. We'll need to get to know you better first, and be more assured you have serious intent to purchase. Start by responding to this email so we get to know each other better.

Need more proof? See below.

Get All The Proof You Want

You can never get enough proof that a roulette system works. You already know most systems are scams. And you especially need irrefutable proof when it comes to expensive equipment like our roulette computers. Don't take anyone's word alone.

Some of the proof we provide includes:

* See a demonstration on any wheel you want. You'll see ample spins to have no doubt. You see everything, including clear statistical analysis, prediction accuracy, and even predictions for when and where the ball will first hit the rotor (the spinning part with pockets). For details about demonstrations, see www.roulettephysics.com/demonstrations/
See hidden-camera recordings of real casino play (as explained above).

* Aim a webcam at a wheel you own and spin it yourself. We'll predict the winning numbers live via Skype.

* Watch real casino play LIVE (no recordings). This is done only with the player's permission.

* Free trials of one of our basic computers, on any wheel you want. See www.roulette-computers.com/free-trial/ - although the free trial is only of a basic and less-effective version, it's completely free.

Other options are available for our more powerful computers, which get much earlier and more accurate predictions.

The Secret Underground of Roulette Players

Every now and then, news articles are published about roulette computer players who are caught. For example, Laszlo Kovacs won about $200,000 in an Australian casino. It's actually illegal here but he was never charged with a crime. What got him caught was casino staff noticed him "tapping his shoe", which was to activate the hidden switch to measure ball and wheel speeds.

Another case is the Ritz team, who won approximately US$2.4M in 3 days. They got caught because they got greedy, and won too much too soon. They were never charged either, because laws only prohibited them from "tampering" with spins, but not "predicting" spins.

The wheel designs have barely changed since these and other reported incidents.

But the vast majority of computer players are never caught. And they continue to win fortunes right under the noses of casino staff.

You might think if roulette was beatable, that everyone would know about it. But that's not the case. The majority of people still believe roulette can't be beaten. And that's because other people, who believe the same, publish inaccurate information. Don't believe everything you read. It should be no surprise the Internet is full of inaccurate information.

Casinos of course know about roulette computers. But besides keeping a lookout for consistent and big winners, there's not much they can do about them. This is basically because rather than roulette being unpredictable, it is actually nearly impossible for a wheel to have completely unpredictable spins. In the case of roulette computers, we can beat almost every wheel with at least a +20% edge. In typical conditions, this is about $5000 profit for one session. Much more is possible, but it is important to win smaller amounts to avoid detection.

Furthermore, casinos continue to allow late betting. This is because the typical losing player still makes bets while the wheel is spinning. This maximizes the bets on the table, and therefore the casino's revenue. A casino will only close bets earlier if they suspect you're using a roulette computer. But the idea is you win discretely and you wont be detected.

Use Roulette Computers At Home

In particularly our remote Hybrid and Uber computers are remarkable technologies you must see to believe. If you own one of these computers, you can have other players around the world play for you. In fact you never even need to set foot inside a casino (although still can if you choose). This is because your teams connect to the server you control, and you can control it from anywhere in the world. If you have the Hybrid, you can view your teams play live. And with either computer, you can restrict access to anyone you want. So if one of your teams don't pay your cut, you can ban them from accessing your server, and playing. It isn't in your team's interest to not pay you, because they know you can restrict their access.

The main benefit of the "remote" Hybrid and Uber is there's no real limit to what you can win. This is because you can easily switch between different teams in completely different countries. You can have one team in "country A" win $10,000 one night. Then another team in "country B" win $8,000 another night. Because the teams are in completely different locations, it is much easier to avoid detection - but still your revenue is maximized.

How To Learn More

Learn more at www.roulette-computers.com and www.hybridroulettecomputer.com

There's much more to the technology than is explained even on our websites. They aren't cheap. But it is serious technology for serious teams.

You need to be sure. And we want you to be sure too. So we are very transparent about what the technology is, what it does, and how it works.

If the technology interests you and you have serious intent, start by contacting us. Typically we'll arrange a phone call to get to know each other better. Then we can organize whatever proof you want to see.

You'll find we're reasonable and approachable. We're serious about what we do, and prefer working with like-minded people.
Title: Re: See Hidden Camera Recordings of Real Players Winning Roulette In Casinos
Post by: Roulettebeater on May 23, 08:35 AM 2019

If your computers are that magic and you making people become millionaire !
Why do you bother selling ?

Title: Re: See Hidden Camera Recordings of Real Players Winning Roulette In Casinos
Post by: Steve on May 23, 09:48 AM 2019
That's the #1 question on the website. Answer below:

This is perhaps the most obvious question. The short answer is licensing some computers for others to use, while using them ourselves, maximizes our revenue.

It's an important question, so more detail is provided below:

1. Of course we the computers ourselves. Specifically we manage many teams for a profit split. This is done via the arrangement explained at www.roulettephysics.com/computer-service/.

2. We already have more teams than we can comfortably coordinate. And there are far too many casinos for us to play in them all. So to maximize our revenue, we license the technology to other teams who play in casinos we don't play in.

3. Purchasers pay a fair price. It’s not like we sell them for $49.95. Our top computer is US$80,000. For the sake of simplicity, we call it "selling" computers. But it is in fact "licensing" them.

You might ask why we don’t simply partner with everyone that asks. But initially we did send free computers to virtually every player who appeared serious. But we quickly found too many people didn't dedicate enough time, or were too lazy to play. Generally when people get something for free, they're less inclined to use it. In many cases, people didn't even bother to return the equipment.

So we became much more selective of who we partnered with. Now we only partner with the most suitable teams and individuals. Furthermore, our partners are required to purchase their own hardware for themselves (such as phones). This costs each player about $300 (none of this is paid to us). Then we install the software for them at no charge. We receive $0.00 from players up-front. This arrangement ensures we're dealing only with players who are serious, and prepared at least to make some investment, rather than have us pay for all equipment.

Overall, roulette computers are still rare enough that we can continue licensing them for others to use. But we will stop sales completely before they become too widespread. This will ensure all teams, including our own, are not adversely affected.
Title: Re: See Hidden Camera Recordings of Real Players Winning Roulette In Casinos
Post by: Steve on May 23, 10:44 AM 2019
Also yes, they are magic. But not in the sense of accuracy. To me the accuracy is secondary.  To most people, accuracy is the primary issue.

They beat almost every wheel, but profiting in the casino environment is different. The main issue is avoiding detection. You cant just win $1m without heat. The players that do this are typically notorious high rollers with a history of losing, and who are pampered by casinos rather than suspected. That's another story.

Typical players need to be much more conservative.

The parts i like about my computers most include the automatic camera aiming, the encrypted communications, video buffering, redundant internet connections for poor connections, distribution of predictions, remote phone wiping, etc. There's a lot more work and technology involved than mathematical equations.

The revenue from them is still important to me, but not as important as the work gone into them and the result. Imagine 20 years of almost obsession. Its not just money.

In the end though, predicting a wheel and ball seems like an awful waste of time. Retrospectively there are much better things to do.