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Title: First Post: Anyone Know a Free Site to Practice Visual Tracking
Post by: Hellwig on Jul 12, 11:48 AM 2019
Hi there,

so this is my first post. Just wondering if someone can point me to a few FREE sites where I can watch live croupiers and spins (preferably with a top down camera angle available). Been looking and linking with no luck for several hours now. Surely there's got to be somewhere online I can just watch for free???

I saw a YT docu yesterday on some cheese eating surrender monkey (Frenchman  :xd: ) guy from the 80's being (supposedly) able to predict the general area where the ball would land. I know manufacturers have tried to heighten the general unpredictability of wheels. It would take considerable effort to achieve a skill level to offset the implied odds in the game.  If it could be done the effort would be well worth while, however.

Thx in advance.