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2 a Day.

Started by MuppetMan, Sep 05, 07:36 AM 2012

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Quote from: MuppetMan on Sep 05, 08:43 AM 2012
Hi Guys,
Absolutely agree Flat. Has to be worthwhile. But can be rest assured I am going to practice before I dump a huge BR into the casino. But yes, looking at eventually using 50 - 100 dollar units. Each method might have a diff progression. So a large BR is needed for sure. And my wife doesn't need roses, she is lucky enough to be married to me   ;D Or unlucky enough...

Ralph only use BV for practice or testing. I only like using real casino I can walk into. Maybe I will consider using a online casino with a live wheel. This is just my phobia with online casino. Only prob is table limits. And yes I will post my losing sessions as well. Have no interest in being misleading. And bottom line is its for me that I do this so I can have a record. If i cheat, then this doesn't help me.

And my actual goal is 2 units. So if I am at plus 2 after last spin then I walk away. If i use a method then end up at +5 then so be it.
This is all just hypothetical at moment.  :thumbsup:

M&Ms,  :lol: Just kidding.
Here's an old mans input.  I've seen 4 or 5 people attempt this over the last few years on different forums.  It's yet to be done.

Since you're really doing this for yourself, there's no need to try to convince us that you're being straight.  Like you said, cheating doesn't help you.  What ever's the easiest way for you to do it so you can repeat it when you convince yourself that you can do it should be what you do.  No need to make it harder.  Believe me, if you start losing, you won't have the drive to persevere in posting false numbers every day just to trick us.  It'll be hard enough to do it if you are winning.  But if you are winning your 2 units every day for an extended time period, the excitement will be palatable.

Here's a suggestion that may or may not fit with your goal but I'll make it anyway.  Rather than just say you're going to shoot for 2 units per day with an open ended bankroll, why not put a stop loss on it also.  Say win 2 units or lose 10 units or 20 units or 200 units, or whatever.  The thing that has killed everybody is that they win, win, win, win and then they have a day from hell and everything comes crumbling down and it's over.

If you have a daily stop loss that happens occassionally but you can recover from it with a few extra sessions until you get caught up with your 2 per day goal, then it will remain interesting for a much longer time.

These attempts always generate a lot of interest and of course we all are cheering for you to succeed, but lose a huge bank or win 2 units leaves us all bummed out when it happens.

Just an idea I thought you might consider.  If not now in the beginning, maybe down the road a ways you'll see some value in it.

Wishing you all the luck in the world,

In my case it doesn't matter.  I'm both!


Thanks GLC,
I do take on board everyones advice.

I do think that a stop loss is a great idea. I just dont know how to narrow it down to an exact figure. If target was 2 units and stop loss was 20, then you have to win 11 out of 12 attempts to make profits.

Already I am thinking that 2 units isnt enough. Why I am sort of leaning towards methods that can generate an unpredicted amount such as Mr J's methods. If you know what i mean by this. Once again I dont know where exactly to put the stop loss. Perhaps I should start tracking drawdown so this exercise could teach me this stop loss figure??


It is one of the most common failure with allways of doing play over time. There are many winning for long time, they think they have an undefeatable system. They can run for long time and still be winners. At the end a few spins ends everthing. 

Decide for you a bankroll at every attack, reasonable big for the method. If that not works, or even seems as to go bad, you can many times solve it with a higher stop/loss limit, but at the end lose even more. A RFH is to detect at an early stage, as they can be incredible long, and make anybody paranoiac about the wheel, which seems to you rigged. If I see a drawback which I can be sure are very hard to recover with the current methods, I change and are prepared to use weeks to recover, sometimes, I just take the loss and hope fore better later.
If you on the other hand do not play more than some days in a year, the risk can be treated different, you can take a bigger risk, to gain a big, but this does not work for a daily play.

I know you use different methods, and I think that's very good, THE METHOD does not exist.
So the target two win 2 a day, may be to change to an average of 2 a day, the days are so different, sometimes easy, and sometimes better to not try more.

The stop/loss can never be too tight, so a bad day, use to take long time to fight back, take the time, to rush and chase the play will at the end just hurt, as jugdment decrease as you rush.

Good luck! It is not at all unlikely you will end after a year with 1000 up. It can go faster, as you should make use of the good days,after winning the two, go safer and pick some more.

Odds are against us, so long time winning is very hard, but not impossible as some are very sure of.

The wheel wins over all the players, it takes from that all group, but not the same share from all, some lose some win. We wheel wins in the long run, but as it has no memory, it will never remember you won last night.

The best way to fail, is not to try!


This is a great thread! I love reading the different perspectives people on this forum have and bring to the game.

MM - you say you are already thinking 2 a day isn't enough. But remember that your ultimate goal is to use larger bet sizes so just keep in mind that if/when you are using £50 per bet (or the equivalent in your currency) 2 a day is £100 - £700 a week - £36,400 a year! I gave you Christmas Day off!  ;)

I too am unsure what stop-loss to use with my testing. Tracking drawdown seems a place to start, though this may be more difficult as you are using different methods with no set winnings or losses per bet. So therefore more difficult to work out how many wins you would need to recoup a loss.

Sorry, I've been no help!  :o Just wanted to say good luck and well done for sharing your efforts with us.



Thanks Ralph. You are always helpful.

Hi Roughy. This forum has def opened my eyes, glad you are enjoying it.

What GLC, Ralph, and Flat were alluding to (i think) was the fact that its no good winning 59 out of 60 sessions if you only make 2 units on a winning day but lose that and the farm on the one day you lose. So have to try and draw a line in the sand somewhere.

Dont get me wrong, I am not thinking 2 units isnt enough to be happy with. BUT to cover the loss that you will always always have. its possibly not enough.


Day 4 September 8th.
Today is a form of Target Betting. Flat bet until 4 units down then goal is 2 win 2 in a row. If lose that first progerssion you are now 6 down. So divide 6 by 2 and your next bet is 3 units. Bet Selection will just be H/L and follow the last. SO need three in a row to recover.

3                     Result is Low          Target         Bet Size
12      W           +1                           1                 1
36       L              0                           2                 1
32      W           +1                           2                 1
7         L              0                           2                 1
25       L             -1                           2                 1
6         L             -2                           2                 2         Gap is 4
25       L             -4                           2                 3         Gap is 6
30      W             -1                           2
20       W           +2                           2

Goal is Reached.
4 Day total is +41.


Day 5 Tuesday the 11th Sep.
Sorry. Havent posted because wife has a cancer in her uterus at the ripe old age of 35 so we are both struggling. Anyway.
Today am using FTL even chance on Hi/Lo. Using risky alembert progression until we break even or a new high. See Excel screen dump.

Target reached.
5 Day Total is +43


Hello Muppet!
Good luck!



My prayers tonight for your wife and you. 

If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die I want to go where dogs go.  ...Will Rogers


Sorry to hear that MM :/ Horrible disease  :-[



To you MuppetMan.
Wishing YOU all the LUCK off the table as well as on it .
I had heart-failure last May so my thoughts are with you both.

Kind Regards.



My best wishes to you and Mrs MM.

Take care

Blood Angel

Sorry to hear about your wife MM. All the best to you both.


Day 6 Wednesday the 12th Sep
Using FTL on Hi/Lo using GLC's 2 up zero down EC progression.

0    -1   1   -1
24  -1   11 -2
24  +1  1   -1
12  -1   11 -2
11  +1  1   -1
27  -1   11 -2
23  +1  1   -1
36  +1        0
24  +1       +1
30  +1       +2

Goal reached
6 day Total is +45

Tomorrow going to use Mr j's Catch the 8 train again.

Thank you all for your kind words. We have been dealing with this cancer for 6 months now but yesterday was just a bad day. Health issues, as some of you have alluded to, certainly turn your world upside down.
Cheers MM


I am curious to know if you are still going with this experiment... I hope that everything came out well for you and your wife.
May the odds be ever in your favor.