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five combo

Started by 6th-sense, Oct 08, 12:36 PM 2012

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ok heres an upgrade on jl.s five which not everyone is grasping..this uses stephkevs original tracker for results....i have combine it with another matrix method on here ...to good results
1st you need to make a graph like mine put the results in as they come then simply bet against a 1 coming out underneath a 1 above...very easy ...only difference is we use the progression in each run in the results for each dozen not for the whole dozen itself...the graph should explain it...also i put in the total registry at side for interest as it won and lost as bets were placed on any dozen...
this system i played for 1000 spins on one dozen it lost the 1st progression once...i didn,t use the 2nd progression but carried on and ended up +25 units...would have been a lot more using 2nd progression...2nd picture is actual game on william hill..i,m gonna see how far it goes on 100 spin sessions before it loses


2nd pic


here is a pic of results from 629 spins on just one dozen which was dozen one


just in case your wondering in doz a the 1st loss is not recorded as i didn,t bet i was on phone at time and the 1st real loss was on zero the l i put in wrong box as was still on phone at time... :-\


So refreshing to see a man's actual handwriting.  Rather personal.

Good work, 6......

If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die I want to go where dogs go.  ...Will Rogers


thanks sam..ok everyone heres last nights session had to cut 1st part short as had a visitor an up 1 extra unit as put wrong amount on a bet while talking to the wife but still up


ok early session tonight maybe do another later..this was a good one another 100 spins i see i missed a l in the left hand registry ...not to worry...distracting when children are about..


next 100 spins still going strong all played at william hill my eyes are stinging but a lot more bets this 100 spin session..i,ll do some more tommorrow....sam what video capture software you using my grab it one is slowing my laptop down..


Great start 6th!  If it continues I may have to stop controlling my Attention Deficit Disorder and jump on your band wagon.

As a side note,  your avatar always makes me feel like you're a little hyper.

I have to do some deep breathing to calm myself down after reading your posts. :twisted:
In my case it doesn't matter.  I'm both!


6 S,

as far i have seen in Sam's videos he uses "WM Capture"
Just call me Stef ... its shorter then Stepkevh :-)