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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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24 number bet.....flat bet success

Started by RouletteGhost, Jun 07, 08:17 PM 2015

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4 again.


Again, as soon as I start testing this, 4-losses-in-a-row :

Spielbank (6.6.15 table 4)


......not saying this would not work, but unless I am just having the worst luck, then multiple losses are not that rare :)
You sir.......are a monster!!!


2 losses   in a row -----time  to go.  ( for the nxt session at another table)

For rereational purposes only. Play  at your own nrisk.


Quote from: Tamino on Jun 14, 12:18 PM 2015
2 losses   in a row -----time  to go.  ( for the nxt session at another table)

This about covers it for this subject


For rereational purposes only. Play  at your own nrisk.


the truth is i did not play this method this weekend

i was in AC with my friends and we gambled for the thrill, not to make money

played roulette and blackjack

won on blackjack playing blackjack basic strategy

ill report back when i sit and play this

most likely at my local airball machine
the key to winning with systems : play for a statistically irrelevant number of spins



hello how are you and I tried it for 5 arrears in my casino and I can not follow the play with positive balance. I am from Argentina


Quote from: XXedos on Jun 08, 07:24 PM 2015
a long test ...
live casino,
flat bet,
after another ten loss, and
twenty win occurred sequentially


This method needs to be watched as play goes on,same as Winkels GUT you have to watch. Observe whats happening, remember when you start everything is due,by this the numbers will fall 36 no hit ,35 no hit,so later the repeats start,so what snake is dominant, the above, the red snake.
If you play just black snake you win with +1/-1, and as for the red snake,look at it .
Me £1 units make +9 find another table,or in my case another machine, I dont cover zero as +9 is 3 wins
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


Hello You Might explain better what red or black snake, as I start my serious when two faults occur but sometimes q reaches the ball hit No. 6 bone 5 arrears. Always playing the original posted by rg greetings


Now go look at XXedos on june 8,2015, nice set of numbers.

How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


Thank you for sharing. ud you expected to fail many times to bet ???


Is anyone still playing this method? If not, can anyone say why? Because it looks quite good. What is the pregession bets to use if you lose on 2nd, 3rd spin etc?


Quote from: RouletteGhost on Jun 10, 06:58 PM 20152-3-5-6

With this kind of quad selection is as if you play columns covering:
2/3 of  the first column
100% of the second column
1/3 of the third column

So I cannot see the logic behind this kind of betting,  instead of,  if you think that in RNG the numbers will always come out in the favor of the second column.


Thanks for that HUSKERDU. Ive been playing this method the whole afternoon, and i am up 150 units so far so going quite well. What's your opinion on this method,?

What method are you currently playing yourself?

Is anyone else playing this still?


Quote from: bluediamond2013 on May 05, 03:26 PM 2020What method are you currently playing yourself?

Is anyone else playing this still?

I have been playing in the past this method with quads bit with negative results.
Itvwas similar to your quads, I used to play:
So it was a zig-zag in order to cover at the same way the first and third column (50% each) and not to be on favor of 1st or 3rd column.
But then I realized that it was in favor of second column.
During the session there were often wins , but in case of consecutive loses it was hard to recover.
So I quit it.
Anyway the pros of betting 24 numbers is that it is more often the wins nut in case of consecutive loses it is hard to recover


Yeah that's true it is much harder to recover after a few consecutive loses. How many step progression do you think this method needs to be a good strong 1? 5,6 or more? The max I've experienced so far is 5. Everytime I've had 4-5 loses in a row i have just been calling it a end of session and having a break for a little bit.