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betvoyager 17min vid

Started by icashbot, Aug 04, 07:31 AM 2015

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vid  made today

trying new method playing around with progression but would still been ok with flatbet

lot of hits with 7 number straight bets     Â£1000 to £2778 in demo mode



Great video.
Nice bot you have made there, tho very slow input method of last number spun.
Have you not coded it yet to pick up and check last number spun for the bot?
Or why not use the very large Table/Felt GUI you have on the bot on the left?
Would be so much simpler, than having to scroll down to get numbers!?!  :question:

I like what you are playing tho........that's the system/method I am using right now in real money  :thumbsup:
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thanks i was just testing it out i normally only play live roulette or autowheel
The bot can be adapted to all casinos live or rng
So not been able to be programmed for all casinos to recognise numbers by ocr
Thanks for your advice on inputting numbers its still work in progress. :wink: