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Person S

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Happy New Year !!!
Dec 31, 06:18 PM 2019
2020 people on holiday, one more cycle will be completed, but roulette is never defeated, yes it’s mathematics and it is debatable that there may be a win system. Love is our victory in this world, all love and kindness !!!


Mister Eko

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Re: Happy New Year !!!
Dec 31, 06:58 PM 2019
Roulette is not beatable based on matematicians opinion, because they see, and calculate to roulette bets, and trying to solve roulette MECHANICALLY with some formulas. Obviously it will not perform ;D

Happy New Year To Everyone, I Hope All Of You Will Blessed With Fortuna Big Boobed Godness in 2020!



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Re: Happy New Year !!!
Dec 31, 07:24 PM 2019
Happy New Year:thumbsup:
Wish you all a prosperous new year!

May this year be the one when my quest ends and a new journey begins!


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