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Button's Blog

Started by button, Nov 14, 12:45 AM 2015

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I'm a bit of a newbie here as a registered user, so over a period of time I am going to post a lot of my collected system ideas for everyone to look at. 

Not many of them are mine and where I can I will give credit.  Most are just ideas I have collected from all over the Internet and are probably useless, but may give others ideas to build on.


Supposing you were playing roulette and made even-money bets on Red.
Your starting bankroll is 40 dollars. You can't hope to get ahead if you wager $1 each time and collect after every win.
As a smart gambler you bet bigger using your winnings, not the money you brought to the table.

This is what would happen if you were on a winning streak and you bet-back your winnings plus one dollar from your original stake in each consecutive round:

1. Round: Bet $1, win $1, and collect $2
2. Round: Bet $2 plus $1, win $3, and collect $6
3. Round: Bet $6 plus $1, win $7, and collect $14
4. Round: Bet $14 plus $1, win $15, and collect $30
5. Round: Bet $30 plus $1, win $31, and collect $62
6. Round: Bet $62 plus $1, win $63, and collect $126

As you lose you start again, if you get a six round streak you are ahead.

Five- or six-round streaks are not uncommon, As long as you bet only one unit of your own money each round, you won't get into much trouble.


hi buttons

what do you use this system on RNG or live roulette?