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Hello someone has a Bot that copies the last number and sends direct stakes excel ?

I created a sitema excel and would automatizalo .

1- I type the last number of the roulette wheel in an excel spreadsheet , forming a historical .
2_ in the following section I identify what interesting numbers and affixed them.
The numbers come from starting another page on the same sheet .
being that the cell is "false" it expects the next number of roulette.

I'm thinking of betting on WWW . Livecasino.betsson.com/br/roleta-ao-vivo
is automatically making ?
I hope you help me because I only excel system with ready-made strategies . I want to put my own strategy .


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I program in Excel and use the Excel Sheets to run a bot that can play most on line casinos.

I am not sure exactly what you want but if you wish to have a conversation about bots and excel sheets, then please contact me directly at my email address:  nickmsi@aol.com


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