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The ultimate distribution of numbers (table and sectors)

Started by huskerdu, Jan 08, 07:12 AM 2016

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We want to play half of the numbers (18 numbers).
We want these numbers to be  equally distributed so:

Half of them to be RED and half BLACK.
Half of them to be EVEN and falf ODD.
Half of them to be 1-18 and half 19-36
Equally between the 3 dozens (6 in every dozen)
Equally between the 3 rows (6 in every row)
Every line will have at least 1 number and no more than  2 numbers. (No line without any number)
Equally distributed of finalles (eg. the finalle of 19 is 9, the finalle of 36 is 6, the finalle of 24 is 4, the finalle of 3 is 3...)
Equally distributed of the first number (first number of 13 is 1, first number of 24 is 2, first number of 6 is 0...)

Roulette sector:
Equally distributed across the overall roulette sector (whatever sectors you divide roulette there will be the same number of numbers in every sector) !!!!!

So with this, we avoid losing in case of a big trend of every kind ofECs, also dozens, rows, lines and sectors, because we have covered all situations equally.

There are 3 situations for those numbers to bet (3 different groups of numbers to chose whatever you like).
These group of numbers are:

First group:

Second group:

Third group:

Chose whatever group you want.
I personally chose the first group.

Money management:
LaBouchere, for covering any possible trend.

Good luck.



see attached chart. if betting black i would have had 10 losses in a row, 4 rows down from the top

take your 1st number group:

max consecutive loss on that was 6

so it SEEMS to be safer then your standard EC bet

to determine that you will have to test many spins

i am usually against testing many many thousands of spins, but to determine if this is safer then red/black, you may have to
the key to winning with systems : play for a statistically irrelevant number of spins



I have tested many times, and I have never faced the absolute destroy so far, as I had in the past with several kind of EC bettings, especially with B-R.
What  triggered me to elaborate in this kind of betting, was that some of us bet based on the table and others based on the roulette sector.
So I wanted a bet selection based on BOTH TABLE AND SECTORS, where AT THE SAME TIME  the  numbers are equaly distributed, covering all kind of EC bettings - dozens, rows, sectors and many others.
I'll continue testing....



Single Zero wheel distribution


Double Zero wheel distribution (more interesting)


i noticed that, eu wheel playing, but the results?
i tested the first group, tests ok in rx.