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Re: The "A-Way" Roulette Strategy
Aug 28, 06:05 AM 2017
I think I finally worked out and understood how I made the first video in the topic starter now. It based on the repeat DS methodology in this topic in conjunction with some aspect of Priyanka's  'Random Thoughts'  thread regarding the EC's (H/L)
Maybe I can post another demo with some explanation of rules of how and why I played it? Not saying it always going to win - but maybe there is some consistency and reason in it. Object was to try and win several 'mini-games'. Make a few units and stop.
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Re: The "A-Way" Roulette Strategy
Aug 28, 07:23 AM 2017
Make a few units and stop
Exactly make some units and move unlike yesterady on FOBT, but still made a few and walked.
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision


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Re: The "A-Way" Roulette Strategy
Jun 25, 04:48 PM 2022
Hi vladir,

You bet when the sheet tells you to bet. If you lose then you wait for the sheet to tell you when to bet for the second and last time in that game. On any win or a loss (after 2 bets) you clear the grid and retrack. It's in the video.
However, I noticed that sometimes the sheet will tell you to bet when there are less than 7 numbers in the grid!
It wasn't supposed to do that according to the rules - but if it does then it's optional (I usually like to bet it, myself)

Hey Atlantis
Are you stillplaying this strategy