I saw this system the other day but can't find it now :( can anyone advise me on what I do for loosing streak EG- 12 spins shows 7 streets so I bet the missing 5 streets but again it shows one of the 7 streets and there has not shown an additional UNHIT s

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1)We are setting the Roulette EXtreme to calculate the statistical analysis of the LAST 12 spins.

2)We are opening the statistics of the STREET bets.

3)We are betting ALL the UNHIT streets with so many chips as the NUMBER of the UNHIT STREETS !
e.g.. 4 Unhit streets ...so we are betting 4 chips on the 4 unhit streets.
eg2. 3 unhit streets ...so we are betting  3 chips on the 3 unhit streets.

4)As the spins are passing , new UNHIT streets will showing and some betted streets will be HIT(win).

5)So when we are winning we are taking the bet out of the winning street and we are observing how many streets are left to bet and AGAIN we are betting all the unhit streets with exactly the same number of chips as the number of the unhit streets is....

6)Look out because in some spins we can have 1 winning street and 1 new street to appear!
So we are removing the bet of the winning one and we are adding the bet on the new unhit that appiared....and the chips will be again the same on every street(because 1 won and remove and 1 unhit appiar and we have to bet it....so again as many unhit streets we have with the same numbers of chips we will bet all the ungit streets.... Its very easy and clear....

As you will be testing you will understand why we are winning...
The number of the chips that we are betting and the number of the unhit streets is making a perfect balance !!!!!!!

please I need a coder to make this system.

And people before the coder test manually to see the results ....it will amaze you !

Ps and never forget we are betting in every spin all the unhiy streets...every unhit street must have
so many chips on it as the number of the unhit streets is....e.g. . 6 Unhit streets must have on them 6 chips each.
Here is a graph I made
This time next year rodney we'll be millionaires



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well explained.


Blood Angel

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I had a quick play and looked good. Not sure where an edge would come from though to make it a long term winner, but good and easy fun to play. Thanks for posting!



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I can only offer this Excel file . In column A must input numerals , and column C shows the result will be , as well as in the chart.


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