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Re: Triple X
Sep 04, 03:28 PM 2018
My Alternate way of playing Triple X. You can call it SugTips' Triple X System.

I am finding regularly upon recording of spins that target misses 12 spins, so what I am doing is waiting for 12 spins virtual loss and then starting betting those 3 numbers along with target color until one of the 3 numbers hits. using flat bet on 3 numbers for 12 spins (then +1 each spin) and neg prog on color betting. so far so good. number of small tests passes good. I hope Sir Ignatus will look further into it also.

This is actually a smart way to play it Sug, can't hurt to add a virtual trigger.



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Re: Triple X
Dec 19, 08:50 AM 2019
Do you have RX code for this one?


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