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The only way to beat roulette is by increasing accuracy of predictions (changing the odds). This is possible on many real wheels.

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Started by Steve, Nov 30, 06:03 PM 2016

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Quote from: Winner on Apr 11, 11:26 PM 2018
I had just arrived in Vegas down a few dollars just to excited to be there and wasn't really focused and got a bit  emotional ? So my sister that has no clue in the game blurts out hey I had a dream her dead father in law gave her some numbers she's says bet on 29 an I should of listened cause messages come in all forms and  I ignored it and 29 was the next hit number. So yes it does work but to get your self out of the way not so easy..
This is funny. Because it happens to me a few times. The other day I had a bet selection I was using which dictated to cover all low even numbers. I did this but forgot to cover 12. I thought to myself what are the chances that this number, which I would have won had it hit, would come up. I watched the ball spin round and low and behold it made its way to the 12. I just had to laugh. This has happened to me a few times especially with Zero where I had a bet on Black and Red as part of a system and usually bet Zero when I have a high amount on the table.  One time I thought, sh*t I forgot to bet the Zero. The ball spins around and I am hoping it does not land on Zero. But thats exactly where it headed.

Coincidence. I don't know. Precog. Could be.



Quote from: Steve on Apr 11, 11:42 PM 2018
It sounds like an excuse, but actually I found this is correct so far. I think basically because the emotion of money and greed is the opposite of the mindset required to achieve accuracy. They are polar opposites.

But if you can remove the emotional attachment, and conscious thought, and make it all about whatever you feel is right (without emotions of money and greed), then perhaps you can change the odds enough.
Hi Steve, it would be good to test this on Baccarat. When I observe a group of people playing and watching you can feel the intensity wanting the result to fall the way of the crowd. And when it happens the excitement is intense. But it always ends the same way. The trend favouring the gambler ends due to greed. But take that emotion away and it would be interesting to see the results whether the masses feel the good luck will end and stop playing the trend at the right moment and switch to the opposite side.



Steve, what happened to this project?

I think after decades of systems, most people have realised that systems don't work.

It would be good if you could make an online version for this, similar to MPR and set a fixed date and time for us to do the experiments, maybe run it twice a day.

This will give us hard evidence for precog in relation to roulette.

When this works it will be the ultimate method. Then it will simply be a case of standarsing the practice so it can be done fast and effectively.