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The only way to beat roulette is by increasing accuracy of predictions (changing the odds). This is possible on many real wheels.

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@ turbo

Started by Steve, Dec 29, 07:00 AM 2016

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Person S

And then I took it and decided to compare what would happen if I played 2 random streets in the same style. Here's the result.
As sad as it is, the conclusion is inescapable. :(


On numbers  :)


If only more people would listen to you. Cold numbers getting hot eventually. Cold numbers going hot played with a progression profiting very nicely. You'll win on 1 or a few of them and you'll be done without they even catching up to the mean . Which they will but it could take a long time.

Anyone can test this in RX. Simulate 100 "sessions" of 3700 spins and take a look how the Cold numbers trying to catch up. Some will and go beyond while others won't.

This can most definitely be used in our favor. The fallacy at work  :love:
Just make it playable

TG pointed something out at GF long time ago where he would track the first 37/38 spins and then play the cold numbers AFTER they show up till they caught up. Flat-betting! I've tested this in RX till I found the average DD and the max DD....almost to easy to win

Hot numbers are the fast way though  :lol:
As spins roll off our predictions get better


This wat to Sweet his reply at page 148.
As spins roll off our predictions get better


Good to see you around Denzie


Sounds like a good idea to keep track of cold numbers warming up, I am going to write a python code for this strategy and see what the results would look like.