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This is a EC-bet, played with 2 ECs.

consider these two pairs/groups


(These pairs are also located on the same side of the wheel).

Trigger: When one of the pair within the group hit twice without the other pair being hit, bet the opposite pair with 2 ECs. (For an example RED HIGH has hit twice without BLACK LOW being hit, then bet BLACK & LOW EC).

Progression: double bets for each loss. This work pretty well, most i've seen is about 9 repeats within the same pair, so it Should cover most losses before reaching stoploss.

Bankroll: 100u playing with 1u bets, 500u playing with 5u bets.

Fist test was played with 5u bets



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4/4 Games won

As you can see in these charts, drawdowns didn't come even close to stoploss (-500u) at an extreme level of "bad luck" 7-8 Repeats of the same pair, this is an extreme event, although it didn't destroy our bankroll.

What is more, the reason why i like this bet is because it's played with 27 numbers, but in reality it's a 50/50 bet.



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OK, some interesting facts, that another user, on another forum tested and coded this one;

I checked 100k  spins (real roulette spins) and found the following maximum streaks:


Here is the distribution

   BE   RO   BO   RE
0   529544   528465   612332   570794
1   143946   143824   131861   138663
2   38566   38699   28483   33709
3   10500   10542   6104   8162
4   2855   2875   1411   1974
5   720   744   293   436
6   178   232   77   107
7   36   48   18   25
8   11   13   1   6
9   5   7   0   4
10   0   1   0   0
11   1   0   0   0
12   0   0   0   0
13   0   0   0   0
14   0   0   0   0

On Limit 3 by risking 512 (max DD) units and getting 13572 (reward/risk 26.5) is pretty nice for the simple mechanical system I think.

The problem here is 100k spins

So What's he saying?

Trigger 3 hits of the same pair, and Progression a 10 step martingale 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512=1023 * 2= 2046u

That would cover 13 (3+10) losses, with a 2046u bankroll.

In my opinion i think the last step could be skipped, that would give us a covery of 12 losses with a total bankroll needed of 1022u

This could survive 100k spins, (the top graph in this chart) if i understood it right

chart: the limit is shown in the graph's header. 100k *real* spins



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Ignatus, how do you proceed if you win one of the two EC bets at say 5th or 6th level of the progression. I mean one EC win can't recover the previous losses .

Like if you are betting on Red-Low and Black-High spun 5 times in a row, on the 6th spin Red-high wins. What would be the next bet selection n size then?
Don't do the done.. (;



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how do you proceed if you win one of the two EC bets

That's the good thing about betting 2 ECs. IF one EC wins, you'll get your money back (no loss) you only lose with a doubleloss (Both EC loses).


Thunder Pants

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Nice strategy. I there is a anything to gain from physical area of the wheel this is probably the closest you can get by using the outside EC betting area. Aka the best way would be to bet one unit on the 18 numbers on either the right (Red hight, Black Low)or the left (Red Low, Black High) side of Zero on the wheel, but putting down 18x single bets takes time & is sometimes a sizeable amount & sometimes you have neither the time or the units.

Thus this strategy is the same kinda "physical area" bet but with the downside that its parted in to separete bets that can be a bit dangerous .. aka like a scary long 15x RED streak can still happen because we are cross betting areas, but you should at least win the other bet as i can EVER recall seeing something like Red Low both streaking at the same time for more than perhaps 5-7 times.

However all that is only if you have the deluted (like me) theory that there is something to gain from avoiding the mixed layout of the wheel & betting a physical part of the wheel instead (aka the ball can hit RED both north, south, east and west on the wheel thus ejy i image i often see these long same EC streaks, but if you define you own physical area the ball cannot "cheat" but must physically enter you area every time so streaks should be less seen & random area hits higher. Especially if have "the waco kid" from Blazing Saddles being the dealer and chaos theory butterflies being in the room ^-^


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