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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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The "A-Way" Roulette Strategy

Started by atlantis, Mar 09, 05:00 PM 2017

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@ Atlantis

I made also a slaptracker.

See annex

Have success.

ludo8400Slap tracker Ludo 2 TVS in 7 11072022.xlsx


Thanks, Blueprint & ludo8400!!


Amazing stratety, thank you Atlantis !
And Thanks guys for the new excel !

What is the algo behind the array ? What are the criteras who said us to bet now
Besides I don't sure if the excel is a little broken because sometimes there is 2 lines that have hit but it doesn't display "Bet Now". I have to play or not ?
In addition what is the feature Import ? because it doesn't work