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Started by Oll, Apr 11, 02:48 PM 2017

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I would like to ask is here anybody who can make a program for me and how much it costs.
Program is not roulette program, I need a card program.

I explain what I want and if somebody is intrested to make it please tell me the price.

I need a card counting program. It should be option to change how many deck of cards is used. Usually need 6 decks.
The information that I need there isn' t what cards are left but I need following:
1. How many number 8 are left
2. How many J,Q,K are left
3. How many A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are left
4. How many red/black cards left
5. How many and which suits are left
6. Last 10 cards

Hope here is someone who is intrested in something like that to make.

Thank you for your time


i can help doing this. from which game you want to fatch this information ?