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Pigeonhole Revisited/Out of the box reference

Started by MoneyT101, Nov 02, 09:34 PM 2017

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Quote from: psimoes on Nov 08, 07:04 AM 2017
Thanks :thumbsup:

One more thing: posting one winning session is fine and all, but are you claiming to have found a theoretical (at least) holy grail?

I'm not claiming anything really. 

Cycles show the information stays close to the stats no matter how many sessions you do.  It's all based on math.

So whether I show 1 session 10 sessions 100000.  The information will be about the same give or take a few

100 spins +200
200 spins +400
500 spins +1000

I showed 100 and then added another 100 to make 200 spins

First session was about 230
Second got it to +500

Just look at the W/L pattern, how
Close to even it is.  104/96

Look at the profit +500

Can it lose some more and still be in the plus?

With the example I gave of 10 numbers

How much I lose and what are the possible wins?

-20 loss
36 win minimum
72 win
108 win
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


I have said enough guys!  Everything is here.  If you figure it out, keep in mind this is not a gift for you to share!

It took a lot of work!  It should be appreciated!  I have nothing more to say about this topic.  Good luck!
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole



Luck of the Irish.
Go to GF-forum and look in cracking the riddles.

look at 39 spins.
How do you win at roulette, simple, make the right decision

holy roller

What is the GF-forum? I am interested to read more.


And the show must goes on