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Roulette Simulator - Method Testing

Started by MoneyT101, Sep 09, 10:07 PM 2021

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again interesting picture of alexlaf:

quick shot:
arithmetic progression of 4 positions of 2 colors within 35 spins  :question:

( I see an importance of 35 spins)


vertically cycles,
next column beginning with the defining element of the last cycle


str8 cycles, 2 color VdW  :wink:

and now to job  :P



Hi alexlaf ,

your % above I remember very well.

Quote from: alexlaf on Nov 29, 08:28 AM 2022How would you play VDW on str8 up?

VDW on str8 up, based on your posted % needs lot of thoughts and programm testing.

tomorrow is 2. Advent -> count up to Christmas Eve,  do you have similar events ?

Happy 2. Advent to all. :)


If a permutation is decomposed into disjoint cycles such that there is an odd number of cycles with an even number of elements then the permutation is odd. If there is an even number of cycles with an even number of elements then the permutation is even.