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Hello everyone, I have not been playing roulette very long at all but, I have learned a lot about it. Anyway, I was playing around the other day and placed only 4 chips and was covering all but 3 numbers, which are 0, 14, 23. My problem is I know it needs more chips in certain places so that each spin will either break even or profit. I am so bad with numbers and math which, I know sounds silly since I want to play roulette. I really need someone to do the math on this for me on how many chips should be placed where in order to break even if I don't land in a profit area or to just profit on every spin if it's possible. I really appreciate anyone's input on this. Thank you so much! Also, please just tell me if it's a garbage strategy or if you think a tweak to where the chips are placed should be made. Thanks



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There's no placement of chips which allows you to either profit or break even from every spin, unfortunately. The game is designed so the pay offs are unfair.


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