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Dark Web
Mar 17, 02:49 PM 2019
I’m about to board a flight to Iceland

Learned about the dark web last week

Discuss the dark web.
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Re: Dark Web
Mar 17, 03:09 PM 2019
Deep Web is the 95% of the net you can't access using Google and a normal browser. Dark web is a small subset of that.

You need Tor, the Onion Browser, to access these, and if you are sensible, a VPN too.

You can do all sorts of stuff there including illegal stuff. Plus purchase all kinds of useless crap including "winning" roulette systems :twisted:



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Re: Dark Web
Mar 17, 05:02 PM 2019
Tried it many years ago, won't use it again.

While anonymity is good, the criminal activities that come with it are not. I've seen things on the dark web no man should see. I'm against the total government control but at the same time I kind of hope that someone will crack the tor network and identify the criminals.

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