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Can anyone tell me which kind of casino games that have under 1% edge. What i mean by edge is for ex.
- Baccarat - we need to paid tax when banker win.
- Roulette - we need to cover zero or lose the whole 36 numbers bet.

So the basic idea is to keep the money roll on the table for the whole day without expecting any win or lose.

Looking forward for the answer.  :thumbsup:


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In craps there's something called the "Iron Cross" , or otherwise known as the Mensa (you know, those smart people) method, or otherwise known as "Anything but Seven", where it appears to calculate out to about a 1.01% to 1.21% advantage for the house, per roll, depending on how the house pays out on a couple of the field bets, such as the 2 or the 12.   This appears to be confirmed by the WizardOfOdds guy. 

See a discussion here at the Wizard Of Vegas site (not to be confused with Wizard of Odds guy):


There is still some debate about all of this however, as it relies on the field bet which is normally about 2.78 for the house.  Don't know where there would be a debate as it is simple math. Can't people do math? It may have something to do with the PER ROLL house edge on 6 and 8 is really more like .46%, rather than the 1.52% RESOLVED house edge, i discrimination pointed out by the WizardOfOdds guy.   

 Anyway, you can see how some of the math his done by some people in the thread linked above.

Maybe you can research it and report back here how this can be true, if it is. 

Btw, theres someone out there on another forum who reports using this, PLUS psychic premonition (intuition) to let him know when a seven is coming up...much like the premonition reported about in this forum.   Having posted some of his results, yah, it looks like his intuition method, combined with "Anything but seven" method works out well above statistical probabilities.



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Roulette even chance only with 37 numbers and partage is 1.35% against.

Baccarat is about 1.06% against taking into account commission, but only bet on banker. Player and tie bets are sucker bets. 1.06% depends slightly on conditions, number of decks etc.

Blackjack with perfect basic strategy is about 0.5 to 1% against depending on exact conditions. It can even approach zero if they offer very favourable rules on surrender etc. Obviously this excludes all games where they only pay 6/5 on BJ. But you have to play perfect strategy according to the game offered. Any slight deviation on splitting or doubling and the edge can easily be 2% against.

Craps if you only bet on don't pass, don't come and take odds is about 0.6% to 0.9% against. Taking odds is zero house edge but you have to have the other bet in play. Pass and come is slightly worse. The field, hardways etc are sucker bets.

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