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snafu, ...what nice and wise words...
Jesus69 must kiss you

Haha, thanks. Unfortunately, learned the hard way. Did not listen to experienced roulette players, and thought that I am smarter than them....
Do not want people to repeat my mistakes. On the other hand, you will change the way of thinking only after you get bitten in the ass a few times...



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  • VB Advantage play gives me 5% edge
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I test VB but it is hard to find the right conditions, scatter messes up the prediction.

This is true. Some wheels and dealers don't offer an edge exploitable by VB.

Though scatter is probably the least of the worries as if you take scatter plots over say 300 spins, all the physical wheels have a "signature".

Bigger obstacles are dealer behaviour, spin on the ball, rotor speeds, atmospherics, ball track set up, and drop zones.

That's why VB is not a HG method which wins all the time. But find the right conditions, and it is very good.


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