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My funny archive

Started by Tinsoldiers, Oct 15, 12:57 PM 2019

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Just like the other member, the other day pointed in the other post, how he is using this forum with a name roulette in it, to record results from other gambling discipline, I thought it would be funny to keep an archive of the ups and downs of my fun play in a funny archive to look at. May be every 100 spins?

And in case you browse this post, just so that you dont go disappointed.


 :xd: :xd: :xd: :xd:

Im a going to see if i can play this week and have a few laughs myself
Simple once you get it!  Chased all the pigeons away and they were already in their hole


Another 100 clocked....

And I would have made a family patent, if I was him.


Another 100 down the drain.

And yes, I wish roulette was like this :)


Plenty of time to play another 100.


Slow and steady....... Another couple of 100 spins......