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Tips To Avoid Roulette Scams
Dec 11, 07:12 PM 2019

You can never get enough proof when it comes to gambling systems. Almost all are scams. How do you know a system is or isn't a scam? See the tips below:

Never rely on the seller's word alone. Sweet-talk is proof of nothing. Most scammers mix truth with lies to convince you.

Never rely on videos. Winning sessions look great, but you wont see their losing sessions. Besides, it would take literally months of play to see statistically significant results. So forget video proof. The exception is if you have other data to back up results, like being able to predict when and where the ball will fall (in a way that can't be faked), OR data indicating even losing predictions were consistently close.

Never rely on "bankroll trend charts". They are just images.

If they claim their system works on RNG (random number generators) or 100% of roulette games, they're full of shit. The only way to beat RNG is if it's flawed, and winning numbers aren't random. You might find a poorly run online casino with flawed RNG, but it's very unlikely. And such a poorly run casino would be small, potentially illegally run, and probably wont pay winnings. RNG roulette is not real roulette - it's a slot machine with fancy roulette animations. Besides, if anyone had a system that beat all RNG, it would be worth BILLIONS, and could disrupt and potentially destroy entire industries.

If the "working principle" of the system does not attack the "cause" of winning numbers, it's useless. For example, tracking "hot numbers" doesn't work because past numbers have no correlation to future numbers. The only exceptions are physical anomalies, such as a wheel defects (known as "bias") causing some numbers to win more than others. But hot number tracking isn't the right way to exploit roulette wheel bias. If the seller doesn't give you any details of the "working principle" you can verify for yourself, they're probably being dishonest.

If the system requires you stop after a loss target, it doesn't work. If you have a legitimate edge, the more you play, the more you'll earn.

If the system relies on betting progression (increasing bet size after losses), it will eventually fail. Progression is like a loan that must be eventually be repaid, with interest. It keeps you winning for a while, then eventually a losing streak wipes you out.

Don't pay attention to testimonials. They are very easy to fabricate. And even if they're authentic, the testimonial could be provided after a player's exciting winning session. Even if the player had been winning for a year, that could be just 500 spins. How many times have you won for a while with a new system and thought it worked, until you lost later? Also it's easy for scammers to pay for video testimonials, or have dishonest friends give testimonials.

Don't rely on reviews or anonymous forum posts. They are easily faked. Often "system sellers" write false positive reviews of their own system, and false negative information about competitors. The manipulation is often elaborate, so don't believe the first thing you read.

Be skeptical about what system sellers say about each other. Expect them to blatantly lie about each other. At the very least, expect them to distort any information.

Ignore displays of wealth like cars and piles of cash. Anyone can hire a Lamborghini for a day. And cash could be from anywhere. Anyone can even buy stacks of counterfeit cash for next to nothing.

Consider if the seller is a registered corporation (such as PTY LTD company). Generally scams run with fake company names that can't be verified on government websites, or are unincorporated businesses. If you can't verify the legal existence of a company or business name with a government entity, it's probably a scam. Also scammers almost always prefer "unincorporated" businesses. This is because corporations are subject to much stricter legal and ethical standards. Also unincorporated businesses almost always have relatively low profits, indicating they aren't well-established and can disappear overnight. If a business earns a substantial sum, it would need to incorporate to minimize tax.

Being able to speak with or meet the seller isn't a guarantee they're honest. We've all been scammed before. The last time I was scammed was by someone in-person. And he seemed like a lovely gentleman. Everyone seems nice and honest when they're trying to scam you. So forget the person and how they behave, and consider what's being said, and how you can validate their claims for yourself.

Always VERIFY what you're told. Even if you verify small things, it gives you clues about their honesty. If they lied about small things, they'll probably be dishonest about more important matters.

Never allow them to play in your account with your money. Some scammers ask to play in your online casino account with your money for part of the profits (if they win). It sounds like a great idea to have a "pro" playing for you. But the risk of loss is entirely yours, and the scammer has nothing to lose. Only let someone play in your account if they deposit their own funds. After all if they're using your account and ID, and they claim to have a winning system, the risk should be theirs.

Beware of claims a seller has the HG (holy grail): Nobody would ever likely sell it. It would be worth billions. It has never known to exist.

Beware of claims that the seller has discovered some magical secret or flaw in roulette: Anything is "possible", but scammers often recite valid science in attempt to add credibility to their claims. They might mention something like Fibonacci or Tesla's 369, or something else that appears to hold secrets. If they can't give you valid principles that you can test and verify are capable of changing odds of winning, you're just relying on their word.

Consider WHY they're selling the system. They could fabricate any reason, but use your own judgement to determine if their reasoning is plausible.

Don't get lured from forums into private chats. Scammers usually do this so they can deceive victims in private, without fair criticism from experienced members.

I'm not saying completely discount everything a seller provides. Just don't believe everything you see or read, either on their website or others. Be skeptical. But have a healthy level of skepticism. A scammer wont tell you they're scamming you. They'll be on their best behavior.



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Re: Tips To Avoid Roulette Scams
Dec 11, 07:16 PM 2019
I've added these tips to help everyone avoid scams. It explains all the typical tricks used to scam people.



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Re: Tips To Avoid Roulette Scams
Dec 12, 02:52 AM 2019
Good posts Steve..
Few other bits to add on I’m sure

Don’t be fooled by pms offering to sell you a system on a forum..

Don’t be fooled by people offering you there HG,s in regards of you giving them what you know

Passion Fruit is the classic example

No one would swap such knowledge or sell such knowledge if they had it..

If you want to spend money then don’t spend it on a system ..spend it instead on something you like or something that could be more useful to you like roulette software or what ever floats your boat



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Re: Tips To Avoid Roulette Scams
Dec 12, 12:27 PM 2019
Man sir sixth sense, how are you?
What happened to your gameplay? still winning as you said flat?
Have I sold something to you so I can say that I am a scammer? Then you can't say that I am a classic scammer! but it's very easy to call people that way, without knowing what I do ...
Why would anyone exchange their knowledge to win at roulette for money or to receive commissions? You can speak for yourself, but don't speak for others, because there are several people who are doing that.
Not everyone is selfish like you, who says he has had something to gain a long time, but you never shared anything openly and complains about the rest of the people who don't do it just like you.
There are many people in this and other forums that don't make sense, they complain about what others do and when they get it or they think they got it they do the same, it's very funny.
Anyway, we all know each other and we know that people talk just because they have mouths ...
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Re: Tips To Avoid Roulette Scams
Dec 13, 03:35 AM 2019
"Don’t be fooled by people offering you there HG,s in regards of you giving them what you know"

Why not?
If we assume both parties have no HG, why deter the exchange of ignorance?
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