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EC Street Hedge
Feb 13, 03:05 AM 2020
Just an experiement, (short term hit´n run may be work), a very simple system. now, i gave up Roulette pretty much everything failed, :S but idk, test and see...

Procedure; Pick one side H/L. BET the (4) UnHit Streets within the particular H/L chosen (the *last 2 Hit Streets are NOT bet*) ok and also 2u on the opposite DOZEN. (Hedge bet). No progression if the Dozen bet hits, ...


for an example let´s say last hit STREETs within Low was street 1/3, and street 10/12. THEN you bet Street 4/6, Street 7/9, Street 13/15, Street 16/18 +2u on 3d Dozen.

As you get 1 hit, just Bet all Streets within that particular H/L, (except the last 2 hit streets)+2u on the opposite Dozen. ok..

Progression Any you like, perhaps D´Alembert (+1/-1) Martingale may work but risky yes...

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"Focus on predicting wheel sectors where the ball is expected to land" ~Steve

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