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Thoughts and opinions please . . .

Started by Warren, Apr 20, 01:09 AM 2020

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Hi Guys,

I've just discovered this forum whilst looking for another forum that I used to browse years ago which, I suppose, brings me to my first question really, does anyone know what happened to Gamblers Glen? Are any of the posts from there archived somewhere? I seem to remember some of the posts being well-written and reasonably thought-provoking.

Anyway, allow me to first introduce myself . . .

My name is Warren Arnold. I have been gambling profitably for over two decades now, albeit not life-changing amounts of money but a significant side hustle nonetheless. Don't worry, I'm not selling any systems, I don't believe in such things, and I'm not about to start spamming the boards here either. Furthermore, I mainly stick to poker and sports betting.

In the interests of being open and honest with you all, though, I have just published my first book on gambling. It is a project that I have been working on for over a year now and I might never have gotten around to completing it were it not for this pandemic we are all struggling through at the moment. It is basically a blueprint for profitable gambling. The book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited because money was not my main motivation for writing the book. The only reason I mention my literary pretensions here is because I am currently working on a second book which is about, you guessed it, roulette!

Hence, I have a ton of questions for you all about roulette.

I have had a reasonable degree of success with roulette over the years due to a few substantial wins here and there. I put my wins down to luck more than anything else, although I do use a couple of methods to try and help predict which section of the wheel the ball will likely land in.

So, question one:

I fully agree with the administrators of this forum that the only reliable way to beat the roulette wheel is to increase the accuracy of your predictions but not everyone here seems to agree. My  question is why not? The math involved doesn't seem irrefutable, it is irrefutable. The house's edge cannot be overcome unless you have some method to increase the accuracy of your selections. That said, I am genuinely interested in the spectrum of opinions here and, more importantly, in the thought processes behind those opinions.

I'm not trying to mock or belittle anyone's beliefs. I'm just trying to do a little bit of research for my next book. I genuinely want to understand why some people find it so difficult to accept that roulette can't be beaten with systems and such.

Your thoughts and opinions please . . .

And, if anyone has any questions for me, feel free to ask!