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Mister Eko

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I agree ati. I really don't get what is so hard to understand about why roulette is impossible to beat using a system.

A winning roulette system is an oxymoron.

To add to the complication the casinos will cheat when they have to. They do not need to cheat, but they do on occations so that they can make a profit everyday.

Just look on YouTube for videos of the ball moving in extremely bizarre ways. Again they don't do it every spin but it does happen.

Yes beating roulette with mechanical bets is almost impossible, buth with method and srrategy beatable everybody, who is here, knows, because they woukdnt be here in roulette forum, if they dont believe beating roulette.


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I could easily but have other income sources. Ive worked with about 2000 players now and maybe about 100 of them play full time. But still probably everyone has other income sources too.

Roulette is mostly a supplement to existing income, not a full time revenue source.

Well said. If one isan experienced researcher and skilled player with strategies, how long have u experienced on of your full-time player makes it or does it vary to much to count?


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I would have lost, but much slower. Every bet has negative expected value.

It probably won't convince you, but if you really understand what random and independence means, you realize that from variance point of view it makes no difference whether you play short sessions or long sessions.
What can fool people is the fact that it's quite possible for someone to almost always enter the game when it's going to win, for a long period of time. When I won 40 days straight without loss, I played rng every day. But what if an average player who plays in a casino once a week does the same. He would win 40 weeks straight, and I would tell the whole world how smart his systems is and it cannot lose.

Let data speak.
Here is a chart for flat bet play on dominant dozen for 10K continuous spins. The result is close to the expected -270. Below that I randomly selected 80 times 20 continuous spins to be our short session games and combined the result. It didn't make any difference.

Thank you for posting this. Maybe you will be able to get it through to the system junkies.


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Thank you for posting this. Maybe you will be able to get it through to the system junkies.
The system tested is crap, that’s why it failed.
How can you generalise like that, this system failed therefore all systems fail.
How are you getting on with poker?



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The best method beside Steves hidden camera and other devices is to place bets only on winning numbers.
Price for my Holy Grail is 100 000€

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