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Jun 10, 12:27 PM 2020
I am not affilated with Antifa and want to take back all the racist things I said. I have made racists posts (and maybe comments on this site). I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. I was just really hurt/it really bothered me to see what the violent protesters were doing throughout the United States. I am only human. Antifa is actually against racism.

I don't believe Antifa should be labeled as a terrorist organization. I am fine if the government wants to just label those who commit horrific acts, like violence and/or looting, as terrorists. Overall, it seems antifa really just wants equality/socialism. The only problems are this has never worked. Antifa believes workers are exploited because companies are making millions and giving their workers, perhaps not enough. Perhaps evil beings or people just cause problems when socialism takes effect to get rid of it so they can go back to manipulating people.

The stats show that 85% of those arrested from the riots in DC and I think Los Angeles were from locals. Is Antifa really to blame? Maybe there were some Antifa members there; I agree people from these groups could be tried as terrorists if they were setting up looting and weakening things, like fencing. According to wikipedia, Antifa is actually a movement composing of autonomous groups. Perhaps some of these groups could be labeled as terrorists, but probably not all of Antifa. What if one were to be a part of one of these groups, but completely denounce (and never take part in) violent acts? They probably shouldn't be labeled as a terrorist in such a case. We don't label all Muslims terrorists just because certain groups decide to abuse and manipulate Islam.



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Re: Antifa
Jun 11, 01:42 AM 2020
One problem is an organization often has both good and bad people.

In any event, dressing up in military gear if you're a civilian is probably not a good idea, if you want peace. Being militant is asking for trouble.

And besides, Antifa is looking in the wrong direction. And the people who should be looked at are loving it.



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Re: Antifa
Jun 11, 08:06 AM 2020
Antifa was started in Portland Oregon by the waked out mayor. At least it gained it's power there. It came out of the occupy movement up north in Seattle and there too. There has been an anti capitalism movement up in Seattle for decades. Every year they would take over parts of the city and break windows and attack people.  The Mayer and police let them get away with it. Right now they took over a patch of the city in the Seattle area and the cops abandon their precinct at the direction of their public leaders. They are now extorting money for protection from any businesses inside that zone left standing within their barricaded "cop free zone." If you want to know what ANTIFA wants look no further then that.  This is just what brainwashed kids developed into after the education system got through with them. That was a tactic that worked and started in the 1960's and fully empowered by 1985 by radical activism. It worked and here we are now facing it. They want to take over the establishment and they are trying it all too soon, before they have the power to do it by election. But very soon they will have the numbers to do this by election. America is really on the brink. You will be rounded up and sacrificed based on your opinions now on the internet. Embrace the horror. The problem is that they have been told their entire lives that America is unjust and capitalism only rewards the rich. If you are not willing to kill in order to save what we had then you are willing to be killed by those preparing to take your lives from you. I think it's funny. This movement has gone straight to the basest level of human nature. They will take from you because you are going to let them. Just watch how fast people jump on the slogans of solidarity forced on them by extortion. Conform or be singled out. Take a knee or lose that knee. HaHaHa, the chickens are already running scared.
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