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2 columns and black
Nov 16, 07:25 AM 2020
Hey guys,

I have mixed results with this strategy.
Bet 1 unit on black and 1 unit on column 1 and 1 unit on column 2 (There are more black colours here). So 3 units total.

If lose add 1 unit to all.
If win either drop 1 unit or keep same if at lowest level.

Lose = a 0 or a number in column 3.
Same again = a red colour in column 1 or 2 where you BE.

Has anyone gotten any experience or tips for this strategy?
It is a grinder... but could it work?





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Re: 2 columns and black
Nov 16, 09:07 AM 2020
I have been using this for decades. You will see that you can do the same thing for Reds too. There are 2 columns that have 14 of the 18 respective numbers for each color on the table layout.

Here is the deal. You are using a 2 column bet. That's 24 numbers bet on. 14 of them are your color and 10 of them are the opposite color. So you try to get good at guessing Red or Black. So one thing to consider is tracking how hot or cold the missing 4 reds or 4 blacks are currently doing from the missing column in your session. I would forget about the extra EC bet on Black or Red. Just try to win with the 24 numbers.  If the four numbers in the weakest column are running cold then this is a great bet option.

This should open your mind to searching for the weakest 12 numbers, and using the hottest 12 at double the value while betting a single value on the middle 12.  For all those "Law of Third" folks out there this should open up a huge study.

Just like all randomness there will be times when it works real good and times when it works bad. The heart of any winning method of play must deal with good times and bad times. It is an acquired skill to take advantage of the big picture conditions and one worth its weight in gold to the few that become aware of its use to them.

All my work so far at R-sim has been to illustrate what happens if you don't account for winning and losing conditions. I know that most don't believe me but now that I went up 20,000 and crashed 20,000 I can change to the use of conditional awareness. If you look at my games you will see that I just bet right on through without hardly any use of the no-bet spins that are available there. I call them virtual spins. Now I will play with conditional awareness.

You can claim that I have been all along but the bets will show that I have not. The key to Reading Randomness is in conditional awareness. Now I will start using it.  I have called it the "Effectiveness States" for more than 15 years. I've shown you all kinds of styles of play, double dozens, EC's,  Finales, and trends following without regards for effectiveness.

What's at R-Sim right now is trend school. All the telemetry is there and speaks for itself. It shows you that trends and patterns alone have nothing to do with winning. I can win at gambling because I notice win streaks and losing streaks and use their weaknesses for continuing at times to work against the casino.  That is the skill behind Reading Randomness. It has nothing to do with prediction or an edge. It's like buying stocks low and selling them high.  People speculate on that day in and day out. They guess that the swings will continue to function as they have been functioning. Roulette does the very same thing if you are trained to look for it. All that takes is becoming aware of conditions and practicing getting good at it.
Reading Randomness is a single thread. It is backed up by a software instruction thread and software download threads. The Even Chance Pro 1.4 version is the best version to practice on.
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Re: 2 columns and black
Oct 30, 07:28 PM 2021
The 1u up and 1u down seems too weak for this system, try adding up 1u until a new profit is met, then reset.