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Progression bets are nothing more than different size bets on different spins. You could get lucky and win big, or unlucky and lose even more.

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roulette numbers and neighbours playtech online betting software

Started by 6th-sense, Sep 05, 10:57 AM 2020

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Quote from: redstar90 on Sep 07, 09:54 PM 2020
Hi there, its a nice software btw. Is it free? or we need subscribe the paypal donation then we can continue use the sofware? Pls clarify thanks. ;)

The PayPal donation is just a one off to Cristal to use a bit longer..

Just to show my appreciation for a great job....after that Ii maybe looking at putting it on a subscription base use only.

but paid to me..

.it’s a unique bit of software I had him build ..Built for the user in mind and very slick .
I’ve had three people already wanting to buy it outright by email..

My reply was no..

Tbh why pay a chunk of change out when you can subscribe and get  the benefits of it being kept updated if it needs to be with the times..

Also why pay a chunk of money out to own it ...you will know within the first day/week/month  if you can make money with it..if you  can’t then no big deal you’ve only outlayed. a small amount ..

You do after all have use  of it for free for a week you should know by then if  you want it or not ..

Unlike the  excellent video by mumbojumbo ...

You the user are responsible for your way  of betting  with whatever you come up with ..



Was going to let people use it for free but after looking at this piss poor software at the beginning of this thread  which people pay for I thought why not ..if people can pay for something useless they would pay for something of quality



new version v1.2 now out...

there is now the delay..which is virtual loss...plus after virtual loss is the amount of spins you want to play on your set target...thats max spins..you can adjust both..which in the video is set for testing purpose but can be adjusted manually spin by spin if needed....there is a remove repeated tick box..ie if you are betting say 7 numbers and neighbours as in this video and theres a repeat..it won,t count a number twice but only once...
there is now an import numbers feature which automatically runs...and an export feature to save any spins you play yourself online...
the dynamic progression is just that..you win on first hit...it takes into account all the numbers and calculates the bet for each number each spin and adjust accordingly the progression  .
the bet tab lights up when its time to bet...when all your parameters are met...this is for the online casino part..this application is for downloaded client playtech casinos..like william hill and betfair..where you can,t bet quick enough manually in the 15 seconds time frame...

so basically its an online adjustable roulette betting bot...using your own parameters and no one elses