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Girls, Girls, Girls

Started by Mean, Jan 05, 10:29 AM 2021

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   It’s so cliche, yet true: be yourself and you’ll succeed. When I tried to act like I was better or hide personal facts about myself, I was afraid and worse off.
   You don’t flow naturally when you have to lie, and it’s uncomfortable. Actually, I don’t even think that’s it (fully). The nets are wide; there are many fish in the sea. This isn’t the problem though; STDS and unwanted pregnancies are.


Can I ask a serious question?
What is your age?

Are you having girl issues?
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Quote from: Steve on Jan 05, 11:18 PM 2021
Can I ask a serious question?
What is your age?

Are you having girl issues?
Hi Steve. :)
No girl issues here. Lol