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Quick question;

I am interested in members strategies for playing straight up numbers.
If you could accurately predict to 70percent a number hitting within the next 37 spins, what would be the most efficient way to play?

Flat betting? or some form of progression?

You may be playing anything from 1-5 numbers.

Thanks in advance.



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From my tests on betting straight up numbers. Betting 1 number gives the same payout as the evens. If you bet more than 1 number, then you lose more over time.

If you want a70% win rate, then your loss amount will be high.

Flat bet is better than progression. Your win rate goes up with progression, but your loss amount when you lose is much higher.

Win percentages mean nothing, they are just used as a sales tactic.
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I play the inside game covering 9 straight ups each spin.
.5 units per number(x9) = 4.5 units per spin
A lot of the time I'll hit on the 1st or 2nd spin.

There are 3 values of return for this game play:
3/1(3.0)  (+13.5) Hitting on the 1st spin,
2/1(2.0)  (+9) Missing on the 1st but hitting on the 2nd spin and
1/1(1.0)  (+4.5) Missing on 1st and 2nd but hitting on the 3rd.

Flat rate staking wins over progression hands down.
I can factor in a progression after hitting on the 1st spin, this would be a double up on the chip value (.5 unit to 1 unit per number) for the one spin and if I lose I'm still +4.5 ahead. But I prefer the flat rate staking system, giving me more attempts.