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May 20, 05:03 AM 2022
Today at 02:52:08 AM


I have been in this Forum almost since its opening but due to lack of time I have not been able to devote any attention to it. Now, retired, I can contribute my experience of these more than 40 years as a player and my almost 50 as a computer programmer.
I owe most of my experience as a player, precisely, to my ability to program any roulette system and based on that knowledge I have worked for myself or for third parties looking for answers to this fascinating but dangerous game.
Today, already retired, I hope to be able to clarify many concepts and share experiences only with the purpose that they serve those who are new to the game or those who are already initiated and want to contribute new knowledge to their experience that will minimize their mistakes and increase their battles won. in front of the wheel.
Really, the contribution of Computer Science to the game has removed many doubts about the suitability of systems that would need years of play to prove that they are winners or losers. In minutes we can emulate 10, 100 or a million plays, something that was impossible before and there was always the uncertainty of what would be the result of the tests in an in-depth study of any method applicable to the study of roulette.
Greetings friends; I hope my contributions are useful to you.


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Re: Presentation.
Jun 21, 04:10 PM 2022
Cool, good to know.  I might have a couple systems that need coding that I've been working on.