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Odds and payouts are different things. If either the odds or payouts don't change, then the result is the same - eventual loss.

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How to stay under the radar?

Started by Bilo, Aug 19, 07:45 AM 2022

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I've been practicing online roulette for quite some time now and I think I am ready to play for real money. While practicing, I managed to win more than lose, so I think I might profit a lot by playing many different strategies combined and manage my balance properly. Every loss is my EV and I am quite confident.

But I've read all over this forum that the casino will ban you if they see that you are winning too much. Anyone has any strategy for this?

I was thinking I could start playing on one casino and putting all my profits in new casinos until I have 5-10 accounts on different casinos. So if my daily goal is 1000$, I could earn a 100$ on each casino. Also, if I lose on some casino, I can play on others to get that balance back and deposit again. That way the casino may not see me as a problematic player because in their eyes I have lost and put the money again. So my plan is to properly use my strategies on 10 different online casinos (not sister sites) and carefully manage balances to make sure I have enough balance on every casino, while I withdraw the extra - and that extra is the pure profit.

What do you guys think? Did you ever manage to succeed in this?


Casino will never ban you because of your winnings because they like players like you it is only a mith.


I read somewhere on this forum (can't find it now) that they will ban you and many players had that experience.


Dont you worry bilo
Playing with fun money
 You always win
So the online casinos
Flash the message you are doing well wanna play 4 real money ...thats when they  steal ur cash ..legally of course


As far as I researched - fun mode and real money mode are the same if the casino is well regulated? Anyways, I plan on playing live roulette. I don't understand people who think that odds change once you start playing with real money.  :xd: